‘Big Sky’ Star John Carroll Lynch Dishes on His Chilling Return

by Madison Miller

New glasses, new character on “Big Sky.”

While we bid farewell to the evil Montana State Trooper Rick Legarski last season when he was brutally bludgeoned to death by his wife, fans were surprised nonetheless to see John Carroll Lynch on their screens again.

This time, however, he’s playing a chilling new character — Wolfgang Legarski, the twin of Rick.

Cassie heads over to Trooper Dewey’s house, only to find out, spoiler alert, he’s dead. Meanwhile, Jenny and Jerrie show up to investigate the big new mystery on “Big Sky.”

There’s a drug deal, body bags, car crash situation that a bunch of teens now mix into. For fans of the show, that moment where John Carroll Lynch turns around and comes face to face with the camera again has to be the most chilling moment of all. He’s made to be more pleasant initially, but no character can be quite as sinister as Rick Legarski. This man, Wolf Legarski, dances around a ranch, ponytail shaking freely, as the song “Happy Together” plays in the background.

He’s not all innocent, however. Lynch’s character turns and unlocks a cabinet nearby. Suddenly, we get a look at a chained-up Ronald Pergman. At the beginning of the episode, he was still on the run with his girlfriend Scarlet.

The new chilling character says, “Wakey, wakey. Ronald, my dear boy, let us begin.”

John Carroll Lynch Talks About Character on ‘Big Sky’

While we may have been hoping for a twin with no connection to Rick or Ronald, that’s not a very “Big Sky” thing to wish for. In an interview with Deadline, Lynch said that his new character may not be all bad, however.

This new character will “attempt at redemption for both Wolf, because of his brother’s actions, and Ronald, trying to come to a place where Ronald can atone for his sins, and Wolf can clean up the mess his brother left, in terms of his life and the life of his family,” he told the news outlet.

Lynch worked alongside the new showrunner, Elwood Reid, to create a character that could connect to both the past and the future. Viewers are going to get a look into what made Rick Legarski, well, Rick Legarski. Fans will learn about past events and the old brotherly bond. In the process, we’ll get a pretty good idea of what both characters are about. This is yet another example of a family that tries to pick up after each other. It never quite goes smoothly, though.

“One of the things that Elwood and I talked about was that Wolf has had to clean up after his brother their whole lives, and this is yet another circumstance in which he’s had to do that. I think it will become clear that the facade of Rick Legarski was there through his whole life, not just through the periods of time that the audience knew him—that he had been playing at being someone for his whole life,” Lynch also said.

The new plot twist makes it hard to know what to expect for the future of “Big Sky.”

The best way Lynch could put it is that there is some “surprisingly moving, chilling and really weird” stuff to come.

All in all, he said there’s a lot of weird stuff that is going to go down on Wolf Ranch. Something tells us it’s a lot more than horseback riding and beautiful Montana views over at that ranch.