‘Big Sky’ Star Katheryn Winnick Breaks Down Jenny’s Journey in Season 2: VIDEO

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage)

During the season one finale of Big Sky, Jenny Hoyt was nearly killed while unsuccessfully trying to stop Ronald Pergman from escaping arrest.

Obviously, the shooting changed the character. But did it change her for the better? Jenny’s actress Katheryn Winnick seems to think so.

During a video chat with The Talk this week, Katheryn gave up some details about the upcoming fall finale of Big Sky. And she mentioned a little about the new and improved Jenny Hoyt. Or as she calls her, “Jenny 2.0.”

“Jenny Hoyt is in a different position in season two,” she told the hosts of the daytime talk show. “She pretty much almost lost her life—she flatlined. And when you’re coming back from a near-death experience, it has to change you.”

Because Jenny had such an earth-shattering experience, Katheryn Winnick knew she needed to reinvent her character’s persona. So she worked alongside Big Sky’s showrunner and writers to give Jenny’s new personality proper justice. And now, we’re seeing a much stronger and more independent woman.

“She’s making choices that she never made before and definitely now is taking matters into her own hands and becoming a sheriff. And [she] wants to become more effective in helping to solve these cases. So you see a stronger determination in her than you did in season one.”

Here’s What Katheryn Winnick is ‘Legally Allowed’ to Tell us About the ‘Big Sky’ Fall Finale

Before Katheryn Winnick signed off on The Talk yesterday, Jerry O’Connell couldn’t help but ask what Katheryn is “legally allowed” to tell us about the upcoming Big Sky fall finale.

“There’s gonna be a lot of crazy twists and turns,” she teased in return.

According to Katheryn, two major storylines are going to come to a head this week. The strange dynamic between Rick Legarski’s twin brother Wolf and his former captive Ronald will “come to a climax,” which will definitely be exciting to watch—especially since Ronald is back on the run.

But Katheryn made it clear that the most dramatic twist on the next episode has to do with Travis and Jenny. Apparently, Travis isn’t exactly who he appears to be. And the rebounding widow is going to figure that out.

“You will see Travis’s and Jenny’s relationship kinda shift in a different dynamic,” she revealed. “He may or may not be rouge or undercover, that he’s gone bad. So that relationship is definitely tested. And, you will continue to be surprised.”

Catch the Big Sky fall finale appropriately titled The Fall Has no End on ABC December 16th at 10/9C.