‘Big Sky’ Star Katheryn Winnick Reflected on Being Fired from First Acting Job

by Madison Miller

Katheryn Winnick from “Big Sky” went from being fired from her first acting job to landing a prominent role on an ABC series. Talk about a step in the right direction.

Winnick is currently one of the main stars in “Big Sky.” She stars as Jenny Hoyt. She was once an ex-cop but decided to work alongside Cassie Dewell as a private investigator. During season two, Hoyt decides to once again take on the badge in order to hopefully get to the bottom of some of these cases easier.

During her time on the show, Hoyt’s husband got murdered, she was nearly shot and killed by a psychotic kidnapping truck driver with mommy issues and has started to fall in love with an old fling.

Her role in the series is dramatic and multifaceted, which makes it hard to believe she was ever fired from an acting gig. While on “The View,” Winnick spoke about her first acting gig when she was 16. She was definitely wise for her age. At the age of 16, she had already opened up her own martial arts school in Toronto. By the time she was 21, Winnick already had three schools she was running.

‘Big Sky’ Star Too Extra as an Extra

Despite her professional success on “Big Sky,” acting didn’t go as smoothly. She decided to try her hand at being an extra in a film being done in Toronto.

“We had a friend that was part of casting background actors … I thought, ‘Maybe this will be my chance to get discovered!’ So I ended up putting on what I thought was like a mini skirt and high heels, and a push-up bra,” Winnick said.

She got placed into a scene right in the heart of the action. The lead actors walked into the frame after noticing two cars colliding in a gruesome crash. For Winnick, she immediately got into character.

“I thought, ‘This is my chance! So, when the director calls ‘Action,’ I started acting, I started telling everybody, ‘Call 911, do this, do that!’ And I had no idea that you’re not supposed to do that,” Winnick shared.

Turns out she was being far too extra for an extra. She got fired in that instant. Next, she was left in tears as she waited for her mom to pick her up. Although it was a bit of an embarrassing situation, Winnick took it all in stride. She vowed that one day she would be the lead actor.

Her wish certainly came true. Not to mention, she got to be a part of her very own car crash scene while on “Big Sky.” She ended up getting shot and put on a stretcher, however. Luckily, she progressed a lot in the entertainment industry over the years.

One of her other well-known roles was in the TV show “Vikings.”