‘Big Sky’ Star Speaks Out About Character’s Temporary Exit

by Megan Molseed

She played one of the kidnapping victims in the first season of Big Sky.

Since then, Jesse James Keitel has been a regular character on the popular ABC series portraying Jerrie.

Once Jerrie was rescued, along with the other two captures at the end of Big Sky’s first season, she becomes an assistant for the Dewell and Hoyt Detective agency.

However, after the most recent episode of Big Sky, fans were shocked to see that Jerrie may be leaving the series for a period of time.

In the Thursday, November 11 episode Jerrie’s estranged father, who is played by Jeff Kober, comes to visit. During the visit, Jerrie learns that her mother has cancer.

‘Big Sky’ Actress Explains Her Characters Reaction

Fans soon learn that this is going to be an exit for the actor.

Although, it has been reported that Jerrie will be showing up again in the Big Sky winter finale. This episode is scheduled to premiere on December 16.

“When her dad shows up and then takes her by surprise, it really throws her,” Jesse James Keitel says of Jerrie’s most recent Big Sky storyline.

“A lot of issues from her past come to the surface,” Keitel continues. “And it’s something she has to grapple with right there in the moment.”

Keitel adds that this is likely emotionally difficult for her character. But, Keitel adds it’s also an opportunity she treasures.

“I don’t know if she was really emotionally ready to do that,” Keitel says of her character. “But thankfully she got the opportunity to.”

Early on in the series, Jerrie discusses the difficult relationship she has with her parents.

“So, in a very early episode of the first season, I believe it’s established in the second or third episode,” Keitel recalls.

“It was mentioned to Danielle, played by Natalie Alyn Lind, that she was kicked out at 14 and has been living in a trailer park,” Keitel continues of her character’s back story. “Living on her own, doing what she had to do to survive.”

A Very Complicated Relationship

Keitel goes on to say that she believes there was a direct correlation between Jerrie’s relationship with her parents and her decision to turn to sex work which ultimately led to her kidnapping last season.

“I think she directly blames her parents for where and how her life turned out,” the actress explains. “And the fact that her life kind of turned around is a testament to her and her strength.”

Keitel adds that she thinks this will be a big moment for her character. Deciding what sort of relationship she wants with her parents.

“I think there’s an endless amount of possibilities for Jerrie here including whether she decides to rebuild a relationship with her family,” Keitel says.

“Whether she chooses to just be there, make peace, say goodbye and move on,” the Big Sky star adds. “Or if there’s the opportunity for her to allow them to right their wrongs.”