‘Big Sky’ Star Will Produce New Series After Temporarily Exiting Series

by Chase Thomas

Big Sky star Jesse James Keitel is temporarily exiting the show to produce a whole new show entirely. The new series will be titled “T-Town” and will focus on highlighting trans entrepreneurs.

The series will be unscripted and focus on Memphis, Tennessee. Also involved in putting together the project was Colby Gaines, Craig Bland and Tom Greenhunt, per Variety.

Keitel said of the series, “I know firsthand the perseverance and support it takes to thrive as a transgender creative. Even at a time when anti-trans legislation and hate crimes are at a staggering high, my community is overflowing with inspiring, game-changing business owners, innovators, and entrepreneurs. I couldn’t be more thrilled to highlight their stories from all around our beautiful country — one trans community at a time.”

There has been no timeline made available as to when the new series will be released.

‘Big Sky’ Season 2 Storylines

Big Sky‘s second season is well underway and one of the most interesting characters, especially with Keitel exiting the series, is Jenny. She’s back on the police force this season and getting into all kinds of drama. This does not mention her interesting love life on the show.

But it wasn’t too long ago that Jenny was the victim of a shooting. Is she over it? Has she moved past it this season? These are all fair questions to ask. Katheryn Winnick who plays Jenny said of her character after the event, “True, but I think she definitely has a different outlook on life. She now realizes how short life is, so she came back [to the force]. It’s important for her to wear that badge and to do what she feels is right and go after her dream of getting these cases solved. She definitely has a lot more determination, longer perseverance. With no apologies. I don’t think she’s scared of death. She’s looked at it face on, and now she is willing to put her life on the line to do what she feels is right.”

Jenny’s Future on ‘Big Sky’

Jenny is in a different place in season 2. But there have certainly been all kinds of memorable moments this season thus far, but who is her favorite?

Winnick said, “I don’t know if I’d say a scene, but right now I’m discovering Jenny’s relationship with Travis is new and fresh and fun. We just did four scenes back to back yesterday, so I think that relationship has a lot of room to grow. I also really want to explore that Jenny understands the undercover world. I’m enjoying the show going in this direction, and getting time to sit with them and see Jenny in her real life and not just on the run all the time.”

It’s less one scene and more the scenes and total package here. Only time will tell how this all unfolds this season of Big Sky.