New ‘Big Sky’ Teaser Has Us Thinking Cassie Is Calling It Quits on Ronald Pursuit

by Madison Miller

If we’ve learned anything during the first season of “Big Sky,” it’s that both Cassie and Jenny are far from quitters.

Together, the two helped rescue Ronald Pergman and Rick Legarski’s kidnapping victims, helped end the murderous reign of the Kleinsassers, uncovered sketchy law enforcement, and are single-handedly leading the case against Ronald Pergman.

Pergman was seen at the end of season one fleeing once again. A mysterious group started a shootout against the police to free him from their containment. It left Jenny with a bullet hole and now a new career path as a cop once again.

Cassie and the Hunt for Ronald Pergman

In the season premiere, however, Cassie still seemed to be passionately involved in the case. After all, she did swipe a police car and set out after Ronald when he escaped.

Now, a new “Big Sky” preview for tonight’s episode has fans believing that Cassie is throwing in the Ronald investigation towel. If there’s one thing that will make Cassie rethink her involvement it’s her son, Kai, being in danger.

Fans will remember that Cassie and Jerrie found surveillance photos of Kai in State Trooper Dewey’s house. The two found Dewey, who was alarmingly creepy, dead in his house. Since then, Cassie remains worried for her son’s safety, especially since Dewey’s death and his cryptic warnings.

So, is it enough to end the hunt for Ronald?

“He had a picture of Kai. That’s my fault. By chasing Ronald, I made my own son a target,” she tells Mark Lindor, according to TV Line. He is still suspended from his U.S. Marshal job after everything that went down with Ronald. He is still showing up to help despite this.

Cassie and Jenny have been the biggest force behind capturing Ronald so far. With Cassie ready to throw in the towel and Jenny leaving Dewell & Hoyt to become a cop again, who is going to go after Ronald?

The Truck Driver, Missing Person Case on ‘Big Sky’

To make matters more complicated, Cassie gets approached with a brand new case. However, as it turns out, it’s connected to the one she’s already working on. A woman comes to Cassie asking her to help find her boyfriend that is missing. She quickly realizes that the missing person case and the truck accident are one-and-the-same.

Cassie and Jenny are used to being roped into killer drama on “Big Sky.” Last week, however, we watched as a group of teens became involved in something that will likely end deadly.

The teens witnessed the truck accident. As the man was dying, he told them to grab the bags. As it turns out, these bags contained drugs and a lot of money. Soon after, another man comes and shoots the nearly dead truck driver.

Between witnessing a murder and having stolen money, the kids are also being eerily watched each time they step outside.

It’s an all-new direction for “Big Sky” as it welcomes a younger cast into the plot.