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‘Big Sky’ Teases a Tense Encounter in New Clip

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

There have been many encounters that are a bit strange on Big Sky. Yet we have a teaser ahead of the next episode that promises a tense one.

A tense encounter, that is. So, let’s take a minute and look at what the ABC drama shared with its followers on Twitter on Sunday.

This should give the show’s fans something to look forward to on Thursday night. That’s when Big Sky returns to the airwaves on ABC.

‘Big Sky’ Will Not Be Airing Any New Episodes Until Late February

Will it be a new episode or a rerun? We are led to believe that Big Sky will not air any new episodes until after the Winter Olympics ends. This strategy might seem strange since NBC, not ABC, is the home for the Winter Olympics but networks are choosing to hang on to original episodes.

That way, they can run them after an extended hiatus due to the sporting events. No new episodes are scheduled to air until late February. Look at another way, Big Sky fans. When the show comes back, it will be back in full and interruptions will be missing.

Kylie Bunbury and Kathryn Winnick star in the drama. They are not alone in the cast, though, and it does include Janina Gavankar, who plays Ren Buller. 

Janina Gavankar Found A Way To Add Touch Of Improvisation To Her Lines

Funny, the actress talked recently during an appearance on the podcast Ladies Night with Perri Nemiroff that she works on improvisation scenes with Ryan O’Nan. O’Nan plays Donno on the ABC drama. Get this, too: O’Nan is a Big Sky writer-producer.

Gavankar added a few lines to her scene one day. It became the pathway for more improvisations down the road.

The actress said on the podcast that she never really knows “how much you’re gonna get away with.”

“But the first thing that we shot together was this thing in the car,” Gafankar says. ” … Tanya’s in the back [and] there are no lines in the scenes, and I look at him and I just kind of like [make a] motion to my seatbelt like, ‘Put your seatbelt on.'”

“And he said, ‘It’s itchy on my neck,'” she said. “And they kept it in the episode.”

What was she thinking about these improvisational moments? Gavankar says, “Oh, ya’ll, if you’re just gonna let us say things and you’re gonna keep it in the episode, we just gonna do that forever.”

Janina Gavankar and O’Nan would make it a point to add as many unscripted words as possible on Big Sky. See if you can catch them in an upcoming episode.