‘Big Sky’ Teases Travis Has Reached His Limit

by Jonathan Howard

This season of Big Sky is getting intense. Now, it seems that Travis is at his limits with the way Jenny has been using him. The two have been romantically involved in the past. Now, it looks like the two are at opposite ends with what they want their relationship to be.

Jenny can sometimes let her work get in the way of how she treats those around her. She deals with intense cases and crimes, but her pursuit of justice clouds her judgment a bit. Now, the former cop has Travis drawing a line in the sand. That’s what a teaser from the official show Twitter account is suggesting. Check it out below and see for yourself.

The caption reads, “Travis has reached his limit.” In the post is a two-frame picture and it shows an intense moment between the two characters.

In Travis’ eyes, you can see he is trying to convey his emotions to Jenny. Put forth his sincerity and ask her to reevaluate things. Meanwhile, Jenny looks shocked and taken aback. It really is like she just hadn’t realized what she was doing to Travis this whole time.

“Here’s the thing. I actually care about you, Jenny. But I’m not going to be some guy that you wring out for information whenever the hell you want,” he says to her.

In the last episode, Jenny and Cassie were shot at. After a scuffle with Harvey and a few others, Harvey ends up dead. Meanwhile, Tonya talked to Ren and Donno about laundering money. Then, after Cassie and Jenny follow Dietrich into a bar, Travis lets Dietrich know that the women are law enforcement after a scuffle with a member of his crew. That can’t be good for the tension between the two on Big Sky.

‘Big Sky’ Ren Plays ‘Cat and Mouse’ With Jenny and Cassie

One of the underlying stories this season has to be the conflict between Ren and Jenny and Cassie. There seems to be some missing money and drugs and Ren wants to know where they are. However, she is dealing with the private detectives and will need to play her cards just right.

Big Sky is their show, so yes, there’ll definitely be more interaction,” Janina Gavankar said. “But how that goes down is going to be complicated. ‘Cat and mouse’ is close, except that Ren is way more chaotic than a cat.”

So, as this season of Big Sky continues, is Jenny going to be able to keep her friends close? She has pushed Travis to his limits and that doesn’t spell out good things in her future. If she starts losing friends and allies, then her job gets a whole lot more difficult.