‘Big Sky’ Warns to Not Trust Anyone with New Photo

by Madison Miller

If there’s one thing that doesn’t go hand-in-hand, it’s the characters of “Big Sky” and the notion of trust.

Although several characters have some pretty unbreakable bonds, you never know if drama and violence are going to emerge out of nowhere. One of the most notable trusting dream duos is the foundation of Dewell & Hoyt, Jenny and Cassie. Although the two technically don’t work together now that Jenny is back to being a cop, both still regularly turn to each other for help and information.

On “Big Sky,” family is sometimes the least trustworthy. Last season, we watched as the entire Kleinsasser family stabbed each other in the back until only two were left standing.

Trust Over on ‘Big Sky’

Now, “Big Sky” just shared an image that warns people to always be on the lookout and to maybe not trust everyone. It’s an image of two of the new teenagers from this season that got themselves entangled in a dangerous drug exchange. It’s captioned, “Watch your back…” and is taken from a creepy angle as if someone is watching them.

The two teens pictured are Max (played by Madelyn Kientz) and Harper (played by Troy Johnson). The two are best friends, but based on their interactions so far, also seem to have some romantic feelings for each other.

Although the two are incredibly close, friendship and trust may be put on the line. According to Deadline, “the teens’ bonds will be tested when they witness an unspeakable crime.” This trust seems to already be on the bring of being tested.

The “Big Sky” teens decide to keep the money and ditch the drugs. Harper suddenly changes her mind and says that she wants to sell the drugs through a guy she knows. She tells Max she has it under control and to trust her.

As for trust on “Big Sky,” you certainly can’t always count on law enforcement to be 100% trustworthy. Montana Highway Patrol Officer Rick Legarski ended up being a murderer that was also in the kidnapping business. This last episode, we also found out that a local sheriff is intertwined in the current drug ordeal and was even the one who shot the truck driver.

‘Big Sky’ Writers Not So Trustworthy

If there’s anyone that shouldn’t be trusted in the “Big Sky” world, it’s the writers and showrunner. Not only will they subject us all to countless twists and turns, but then they’ll turn around and kill your favorite character. Take, for example, Ryan Phillippe’s character that was killed at the end of the first episode.

“This goes back to David E. Kelley: the show works best in my opinion when it has the emotional underpinning but also the ‘give zero f**ks’ attitude toward the plot. Anybody can die. Anything could happen. No plot twist is too crazy,” Showrunner Elwood Reid said during an interview with TV Insider.

The “Big Sky” writers have already proven this is true. Reid also warned that during this season, don’t fall for any characters too much. They may end up dead at a moment’s notice.

“We have to be ruthless with these characters and not be afraid to burn them. And that’s everybody. I tell the leads that all the time: ‘It’s Big Sky. We killed Ryan Phillippe off. We’ll kill anybody off. Don’t tempt me,” he said.