‘Big Sky’: When Will Season 2, Episode 9 Air?

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

This week, the popular ABC series Big Sky brought us some massive drama and action-packed storylines.

This recent episode brought more drama to some storylines that Big Sky fans have been anticipating for quite some time.

Exciting, sure, but it also leaves us wanting more. However, fans of the series will have to wait until the new year to pick back up where the series has left off.

With some major drama flying around the Big Sky characters, we are all very curious to find out just when the second season continues on with the second season after the holiday. And, according to Matt & Jess, the show likely won’t be back on the airwaves until February 2022.

Taking A Break Into The New Year

Of course, like many popular television shows, Big Sky is taking a bit of a break during the holiday season.

Historically, television dramas don’t pull in very many viewers this time of year.

Part of the reason for this is that people are likely busy with their holiday prep and celebrations.

Another reason for the lack of viewership this time of year is due to networks airing some favorite annual holiday specials. These often draw in viewers who would normally be sitting down to catch the latest on their favorite dramas.

That said, there is another event that will likely be holding off the rest of Big Sky’s second season. This event? The Winter Olympics.

Many of our other favorite ABC dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy, A Million Little Things, and Station 19, are holding off on their returns until this event is over. Chances are Big Sky will follow the same schedule.

This means that viewers can likely expect to see the popular detective series return to its regular programming with new episodes sometime in February.

2022 Will Bring Fans Some Fast-Paced ‘Big Sky’ Action

It is a long wait to finally find out what happens to our favorite Big Sky players.

However, it seems that once the show returns to ABC it will be picking up right where the series left off with the final episode in 2021 titled The End Has No End.

The way Big Sky brought fast-paced drama to fans during its premiere season last year certainly suggests that the series will not waste any time bringing fans back up to speed when it returns in 2022.

And, we all know, Big Sky brings us regular nail-biting nonstop action in each of its heart-racing storylines.

So far, Big Sky showrunners haven’t revealed any specifics regarding the upcoming season two episodes. And, with quite a bit of time between now and the 2022 episodes, chances are we won’t be seeing any new teasers for the new episodes until after the new year.