‘Big Sky’: When Will the Show Return in 2022?

by Joe Rutland

Fans of the ABC drama Big Sky are wondering a very important question right now. When will the show come back in 2022?

We are going to see if we can find an answer right now.

Let’s check this story from Matt & Jess.

So, there was no new episode this past week.

Plans are there for Big Sky to just not air new episodes until after the Winter Olympics ends.

Mind you, ABC is not the home network for the Winter Games.

Not airing new episodes until afterward is one way for ABC to ensure that they have programming for the latter part of this season.

Also, fewer interruptions for Big Sky means more new episodes airing one after the other.

Is Big Sky, which stars Kylie Bunbury and Kathryn Winnick, still filming for episodes? Yes, as far as we know, Outsiders.

There have not been interruptions for health and safety protocols around COVID-19.

Let’s hope this trend continues.

‘Big Sky’ Looks At What Possible Threat Ronald Poses To Cassie

OK, so the newest episode of Big Sky’s second season is here.

Chances are this installment will be bringing fans a major showdown.

It is one that Big Sky fans have been waiting to see for quite some time.

Remember: This show fills up your TV screens with action.

Each one is full of drama and mystery. However, this episode titled The End Has No End is likely to be a pretty big one.

Things are going on with almost every single Big Sky character. From the developments within the storyline of Jamie-Lynn Siegler’s Tonya, information regarding the mysterious Travis who is played by Logan Marshall-Green, the popular series certainly has quite a bit to cover.

But, but, but … the biggest storyline is one that began in the show’s very first season’s premiere episode, the elusive, and frightening, Ronald.

See, Ronald has escaped from John Carroll Lynch’s Wolf. The criminal has one thing on his mind, vengeance against Kylie Bunbury’s Cassie Dewell.

Yes, Ronald can be quite dangerous. We have seen his devious actions at play.

Will Ronald actually kill the private detective?

According to Matt & Jess, this is not likely to happen. Cassie is a core character in Big Sky and the show would certainly be very different without her.

Also, Cassie Dewell is one tough lady. Dedicated Big Sky fans know there is probably a good chance that if anyone were to get hurt in a Cassie and Ronald confrontation, well, it is Ronald. Fans also know that Wolf is on the hunt for his escapee.

Hoo boy, things are certainly not looking good for Ronald. That, of course, is if Wolf finds him first!