‘Big Sky’: Why Janina Gavankar Thinks Ren is ‘Still in Control’

by Joe Rutland

Janina Gavankar joined the ABC drama Big Sky this season. She believes that her character, Ren, is still running the show.

Ren is a female antagonist on the show. Gavankar talked about Ren and what’s going down in an interview with TVLine.

She is asked if she thinks Ren has a good grip on everything.

“Yes,” Gavankar said. “I think she still feels like she’s in control. Now, she’s annoyed that there are a lot of moving parts. But I think she, at this point, still believes that she’s got everything under her control.

“She knew she was landing into something messy, and that’s part of the job is cleanup,” the Big Sky star said. “She’s there to be the cleaner. She does see a bigger opportunity here in town.”

Well, you can keep up with her antics on the ABC drama. It airs on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

‘Big Sky’ Star Talks About the Inspiration for Jenny Hoyt Character

As people have watched Big Sky through its one-plus seasons, Jenny Hoyt, played by Katheryn Winnick, has been a key player.

What has been the source of inspiration for Winnick around Jenny?

The actress, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, said “Jenny 2.0” is quite a bit more unique than from earlier episodes.

“Now that Jenny has her own identity and different people in her life,” Winnick said, “including Travis and Tubbs, she’s progressing forward more effectively as a cop.”

That first season saw Jenny deal with a broken heart. This season, though, she’s all in with a new career along with being in love with an old flame.

“She’s looking at life a little differently,” Winnick said in the interview.

Jenny has gone from becoming a private eye into joining the police department.

Winnick Offers Some Thoughts About Cassie’s Drive To Solve Case With Ronald

While she is seeing Travis, Hoyt is clearly focused on that job.

“They have a history of knowing each other, and I don’t think she’s really thinking of falling in love again,” the Big Sky actress said. “Or even thinking of anything serious at this point. She just wants to be really good at her job, and she’s enjoying the relationship that she has with Travis.

OK, so what is it about Cassie’s drive to solve this case around Ronald?

Winnick said that “Cassie has a personal drive and is obsessed with Ronald’s case. Jenny wants to focus on other cases.”

Kylie Bunbury plays private detective Cassie Dewell, who partnered up with Winnick.

Jenny is not giving up the Ronald case. But there are other cases to solve. So, Outsiders, keep your eyes on what’s going down on Big Sky.