‘Big Sky’: Will Someone Else Die in Season 2?

by Madison Miller
Photo by: John Lamparski/Getty Images

Death on “Big Sky” is more of a certainty rather than a questionable possibility at this point.

Whether it’s a villainous character, an unknown man dead in his car, or your favorite character, “Big Sky” certainly is not afraid of death. When it comes to characters getting killed off the show, fans are learning to expect it on this popular ABC program.

As fans know, “Big Sky” has been on a very long hiatus. The last episode that aired was “The End Has No End” on December 16. That means that some of our favorite small-town Montana characters remain absent from our screen in the new year.

Similar to many other TV programs, “Big Sky” decided to take a break as to not have to compete with the Winter Olympics. It’s something many TV shows do in order to not suffer massive drops in ratings.

When the show returns, expect some big things. It’s likely we will get a lot of episodes back-to-back due to this long hiatus. Could the storyline possibly follow yet another death?

We do know that a huge focus will likely be Cassie learning more about her father. Clearly, writers are out to get Cassie. She has had to overcome more tragic situations than we can keep track of, including Cody’s death, shooting Rick Legarski, and watching her partner nearly die. During the last episode we saw, Cassie’s father was killed in her own office by none other than Ronald.

For a long time, Joseph Dewell had a very small role in the series. We knew he was around and helping with Cassie’s kid, but didn’t know much else about him. Suddenly, he was on the screen more. Uh oh, that’s not typically a good sign. For a show like “Big Sky,” a small character getting more screen time and their own plot can be a good indicator that something awful is going to happen.

Just when we thought Ronald was just a somewhat boring sidenote during season two, he strikes again. Joseph was working on fulfilling his dreams of buying his own ranch and staying close to his family. So, of course, he’s now dead.

Just Expect Death on ‘Big Sky’

The show really set the bar high for TV deaths when it killed off one of the main stars of the series, Ryan Phillippe, during the very first episode. You may also remember the Kleinsasser family, or, who is left alive from the family. Only Cheyenne and Margaret survived that death spree.

The showrunner of “Big Sky,” Elwood Reid, said during an interview with Entertainment Weekly just how much the writer’s room loves killing people off.

“Nobody’s off limits; everybody’s fair game. We’re going to go that way right to the end of the show — ride or die with that ethos,” he said.

So, will someone else die in season two? Yeah, probably.