Bill Murray Reflects on ‘Saturday Night Live’ Days, Weighs in on Current Cast

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Stefan Hoederath/Getty Images)

The iconic Bill Murray is reflecting on the time during his Saturday Night Live days. He also mentions what the current cast of the show is doing now.

In a recent interview, Murray and Jan Vogler promote their new documentary, New Worlds: The Cradle Of Civilization. While they celebrate the upcoming film, Bill Murray has some other exciting news to look back on. That’s right, the month of January marks Murray’s 45th anniversary of his three seasons on Saturday Night Live.

After Murray joined the cast in 1977, he loved it so much that he decided to go back and host a few more seasons. And this is where his career as an actor and comedian all began.

According to ET, Bill Murray made a joke about his success.

“Well, I know I’ve been paying my phone bill for a very long time now,” Murray said. “I think that’s what I would celebrate.”

Where the Old Saturday Night Live Cast is Now

Throughout Bill Murray’s time as a host on Saturday Night Live, he saw the most iconic names. Some of them include Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian West. Bill Murray had a lot to say about Pete Davidson, though.

“Well, he has a lot of moments! I mean, there’s got to be an hourly update or something,” Murray said. He was also a fan of a sketch similar to Marc Cohn’s Walking in Memphis song. “I really enjoyed that Staten Island ‘Walking in Memphis’ sketch. It was good.”

As for Murray, he’s an icon in the comedy and film world. Since appearing on “Saturday Night Live,” Murray went on to appear in a number of comedies. But fans will always remember for the role of Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters. It’s a role that he reprised several times over the decades. Murray also has a new documentary as well.

Bill Murray’s New Documentary

Firstly, Bill Murray couldn’t have done this project alone. He had help from Jan Vogler, who is famous for his cellist skills, and a few more icons.

In case you didn’t know, the film goes back in time and covers their New Worlds tour in Europe. There is something for everyone in the documentary. If you enjoy music, poetry, or any kind of charm, this is the one for you. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been released yet, but release day is upon us. The documentary is out in theaters on February 2nd.

Ironically, it comes out on Groundhog Day, which is the name of the 1993 film Bill starred in, according to the news outlet. And Groundhog Day still resonates with many people to this day.