Bindi Irwin Has an Adorable Beach Day with Daughter Grace Warrior

by Kati Michelle

Wildlife expert Bindi Irwin has become an Outsider favorite due to her continued dedication to supporting nature and animals, especially in her Australian locale. Of course, Outsiders can’t get enough of her adorable little family, either. Bindi Irwin and her husband, Chandler Powell, welcomed little Grace Warrior into the world earlier this year in March. The couple chronicles a lot of her “firsts” on Instagram, including the first time Grace Warrior ever stumbled upon a wild echidna.

While we’re all gearing up for the brutal forecasted winter ahead, Australians are less than a month away from welcoming summer. Kind of wild to think about, right? This explains why the couple’s latest photos show off a beach day with their “little sunshine.” It probably wasn’t Grace Warrior’s first experience with Australia’s sandy beaches and it probably won’t be her last, but it’s adorable nonetheless.

Bindi Irwin and Her Daughter are All Smiles Soaking Up the Sun

This is the photo Chandler Powell snapped of Bindi Irwin holding their daughter, Grace Warrior. Check it out:

The fans can’t get enough of the mommy-daughter duo and filled the comment section with a whole slew of hearts. But, what else did little Grace Warrior get up to at the beach? Well, apparently she spent some time “Catchin’ waves with dad.” Just as Chandler Powell took on the role of photographer for Bindi and Grace, Bindi returned the favor to catch an equally cute snap of the two of them together.

Check it out:

If she’s anything like her parents or famed grandfather, Steve Irwin, Grace Warrior’s got a lot of adventuring ahead of her as she continues to grow.

Throwin’ It Back to Surfing With Turtles

Before his passing, Steve Irwin often took Bindi Irwin along for the ride on his own adventures. They made several TV appearances together and bonded over their love of wildlife preservation. One of their shared projects actually involved writing a series of books during Bindi’s childhood.

One of these books was titled “Surfing With Turtles.” It marked just one installment of an entire “Bindi Wildlife Adventures” series. The synopsis of the book is quite simple. It follows Bindi, her brother Robert, their mother Terri, and their family friend, Kelly, as they embark on a surfing tour of Mexico and the US. They’re all especially excited to interact with the green sea turtles in their natural habitat. However, the story takes a mysterious turn as Bindi investigates a suspicious surfer.

Who knows? Maybe little Grace Warrior will get her own book series one day detailing adventures with her mom.