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Bindi Irwin Introduces an Adorable Little Friend With Smiling Koala Photo

by Suzanne Halliburton
Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

For Bindi Irwin, November has been chockful of celebrations. But Friday was more about the simple, everyday moments, like focusing on wildlife.

Plus, koalas always, always are cute. Just check out the Bindi Irwin Instagram page. These animals never take a bad picture.

Irwin posted the photo and captioned it: “This. Tiny. Smile” Yes, let’s give a big, collective awwwwwww. Note to self, must ask Bindi Irwin if koalas get along with dogs.

Bindi Irwin Introduced Baby Daughter to Koala Earlier This Year

We know Bindi Irwin loves the koalas. She introduced one to Grace, her baby daughter, earlier this year. At the time, Grace was only two months old. Chandler Powell, Bindi’s husband, captured the moment and posted it on Instagram. He captioned the snap: “2 months old. We have had lots of smiles, the best giggles and we’ve met a koala! We love you, Grace Warrior.”

Bindi Irwin replied “Our gorgeous little Wildlife Warrior princess.”

Baby Grace was born, March 25, which also happened to be her parents’ first wedding anniversary. Bindi and Chandler said they wanted their firstborn to love nature as much as they do. And with the Irwins, the family business is nature.

“We actually live right in the middle of the zoo! Australia Zoo is like a resort for wildlife, a sanctuary dedicated to conservation and education,” she said. “We have a wildlife hospital that has rescued and rehabilitated over 100,000 sick, injured and orphaned animals with the goal of giving every patient a second chance at life in the wild. Everything we do is to create positive change on the planet and protect as many beautiful animal species as we can.”

“I’m so excited for our daughter to grow up learning about the importance of giving back and making a difference in the world for the future generations,” Bindi Irwin said.

“My family started this work over 50 years ago and I have always been grateful that they included me and my brother every step of the way.”

And koalas made up a segment on her reality show: Crikey! It’s the Irwins. Check out episode 25 of season three to take in all the cuteness.

Earlier this month, Bindi Irwin helped celebrate her husband’s 25th birthday. She posted on social media: “Happy Birthday, sweetheart! Eight years of falling more in love with you every day,” Bindi Irwin penned in the caption. “My best friend, adventurer, husband, and the greatest Dadda to our Grace Warrior. You embrace every day with a determination that I admire. You carry kindness and sunshine in your heart, no matter the challenge.”

And Nov. 15, Bindi celebrated her dad, the late Steve Irwin, who gave her love and curiosity for nature.