Bindi Irwin Shares Photos Caring for Australia Zoo’s Sick and Injured Sea Snakes

by Quentin Blount

Bindi Irwin and her motherly instincts are always on display at the Australia Zoo. That was the case yet again on Wednesday.

There’s no denying the fact that Australia Zoo has always been home to Bindi Irwin. Growing up as the daughter of Terri Irwin and the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, wildlife conservation is in Bindi’s blood. Not only did Bindi grow up at the Zoo, her own daughter, Grace Warrior is doing the same.

Here at Outsider, we cover every cute mother-daughter moment between Bindi and little Grace. But today we want to focus on Bindi’s love for all of the animals at Australia Zoo. Other people may view them as just that — animals — but to Bindi, they are all part of her extended family. That includes sea snakes.

“Our Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital is home to a state-of-the-art sea snake recovery ward,” Bindi explains in a recent Instagram post. “These sweethearts arrive sick or injured and the extraordinary team of vets and nurses work hard treating them. Sea snakes are surprisingly delicate animals and deserve tremendous appreciation. Our goal with every patient is to get them released back to the wild.”

Fans Love That Bindi Irwin Is Keeping Her Father’s Legacy Alive

It couldn’t have been easy for Bindi Irwin to grow up as the daughter of the world’s most beloved conservationists. Can you imagine trying to fill the shoes of the one and only Steve Irwin?

Nonetheless, Bindi has done so with Grace (that really is the perfect name for her daughter, isn’t it?). Her father died when she was just 8-years-old, and she’s now 23! It’s hard to believe that she is all grown up.

What’s not as hard to believe, however, is that Bindi Irwin and her family are dedicating their lives to the same mission that Steve Irwin did — wildlife conservation. And all of Bindi’s fans on Instagram — of which she has more than 4.8 million followers — are taking notice.

“Thank you all for treating all animals and getting them back to their homes,” one person commented. “Your dad is so very proud of you all.”

“Amen. Your dad so respected the snakes. I remember when one got him on the nose,” a second user recalled. “He was like Ouch! It wouldn’t let go. Your dad never waived his respect.”

“You and your mom are just amazing!” a third fan gushed. “I love how you both continue to keep your Dad’s incredible legacy alive.”

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