Bindi Irwin Reflects on ‘Hardest Time’ She’s Had Since Father Steve Irwin’s Death

by Madison Miller

There’s no doubt that the late conservation icon Steve Irwin would be beyond proud of his family.

His family — including his wife Terri and two kids Bindi and Robert — have been following in his amazing footsteps. They all still work at the Australia Zoo where they get to share their passion and knowledge of wildlife with people every day.

They are also involved in several different conservation programs. That includes the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve and the Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, which he founded.

Bindi Irwin Talks Difficult Time

Bindi Irwin and the rest of the family have kept his legacy alive in more ways than one. That doesn’t mean it has been easy, however. She recently reflected on another aspect of life that has been very difficult as well. It’s related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“It has probably been the hardest time in our lives other than when dad passed away. For us it’s been difficult [because] Australia Zoo has over a thousand animals. We literally can’t ever close,” Irwin said in an interview with Page Six.

Despite the pandemic, Bindi Irwin and the rest of the crew still have to care for all the animals at the zoo. She shared with the news outlet that her family had to go into lockdown for 78 days. At the same time, they still cared for the animals without any visitors and with certain precautions in place.

For Bindi Irwin, it was family that helped her get through the tough time. She specifically shared the impact her mother had on her.

 “I don’t know what we would have done without her. Her leadership has been phenomenal,” she said.

The Irwin family still was able to film the new season of “Crikey! It’s the Irwins.” This season will have a lot of new things to offer fans of the popular Australian family. Bindi’s husband, Chandler Powell, and her beautiful baby girl, Grace Warrior, will both be in the new season. This new season is premiering today, January 1, on the Discovery+ Animal Planet channel.

Irwin and Baby Grace Warrior

When it comes to looking back on 2021, Bindi Irwin is most grateful for welcoming her baby Grace Warrior into the world.

Recently, Irwin posted a photo of her husband and their 9-month-old daughter as they took a stroll through the Australia Zoo, which is basically home to them. In the adorable picture, Grace is smiling up at the camera. Her parents are happy that she gets to grow up with animals surrounding her.

“I’m thankful that our beautiful Grace Warrior is growing up surrounded by wildlife and wild places. Her favourite part of the day is when we go on our family walks through the @australiazoo gardens. Her smile is sunshine!” wrote Irwin on the post.