Bindi Irwin Shares Some of Her Most Precious Family Moments

by Anna Dunn

Bindi Irwin recently shared some of her most precious family photos in a heartwarming new Instagram post. The conservationist and new mom frequently take to Instagram to share photos of herself with her daughter, Grace Warrior.

“Family moments on film, @robertirwinphotography.” she wrote, giving credit to her brother, Robert Irwin, who took a lot of these and posted them earlier today.

One fan was a huge fan of Robert’s work.

“As a pro photographer, let me tell you that color one of your mom holding Grace is a treasure. Beautiful composition and lighting. Perfection,” the fan wrote.

“Soooo precious, tender moments frozen in time, ” another fan wrote. “These photos are gorgeous, I love black and white, so timeless! Ah, my heart tickles seeing the smiles.”

“So wonderful to have such precious moments to look back on in times to come,” another fan echoed.

Bindi has been sharing some moments on Instagram as of late. She loves to take little Grace Warrior outside and has even introduced her to some of the animals at the Australia Zoo.

The entire family works at the Australia Zoo and are conservationists, just like Bindi’s late father, Steve Iwrin. Irwin, known occasionally as the “Crocodile Hunter” had his own animal planet show where he taught children and adults all about wildlife.

He tragically passed away from a stingray attack in 2004, but Bindi really took after him. Now, she’s passing on her love of animals and nature to her daughter.

Bindi Irwin Just got A Tattoo In Honor of Her Father and Daughter

Bindi also recently got a beautiful tattoo in honor of her father and daughter.

“The words I spoke to our daughter as I held her for the first time in my arms were, “My graceful warrior”. That’s how her name was born. This is my dad’s handwriting to keep him with me, always. Our dear alligator, Daisy, is next to these words to represent our conservation work as Wildlife Warriors. And my beautiful wedding ring in bloom,” she wrote.

Irwin’s family flooded the comments with love and support. Her husband, Chandler Powell, finds the artwork beautiful. Powell and Irwin met when they were young teenagers.

Powell, an American, came to visit Australia and visited the Australia Zoo on his trip. It was there he met Bindi. Now, years later, they’re married with a daughter.

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