Bindi Irwin Shows Off the ‘Greatest Gift of This Year’ in Sweet Pic

by Amy Myers

Bindi Irwin and her husband Chandler Powell have just celebrated their first Christmas with their nine-month-old daughter, Grace. A baby’s first holiday is an exciting time for any young family, as the tot gets to experience all the joy and shiny things that come with the time of year. And from the looks of the family’s recent activities and adventures, Grace has had no shortage of fun these past few weeks.

Recently, Bindi Irwin summarized her holiday experience with a photo of the “greatest gift” she received all year. Only, she didn’t find this one wrapped beneath the tree on Christmas morning. Rather, she found her sleeping soundly in her crib.

Though “Grace Warrior Irwin Powell” arrived months earlier, obviously no gift could possibly compare to the joy that her daughter has brought the young parents. Bindi Irwin posted a couple of family photos featuring the youngest addition to the Irwin legacy, all sporting their favorite color – khaki.

Bindi Irwin Gives Adorable Update on Grace Warrior’s Accomplishments

Earlier, on Christmas Day, Irwin shared a photo of her daughter, all dressed in an adorable red dress and matching headband. The smiling baby posed in front of a glittering tree and gorgeous stone fireplace.

According to Bindi Irwin, Grace had already accomplished so much in her first nine months in the world, and so she documented a few of the remarkable milestones that she had reached by Christmas Day.

“Celebrating 9 months with this cutie on Christmas Day,” Bindi Irwin announced. “There is so much happening in Grace Warrior’s life:
Two teeth
Getting herself from laying to sitting
High five
Eating solids like a champion
Loves saying ‘Dada’
Best friends are Fergo the cassowary chick & Igloo the tortoise
Also discovered that playing with wrapping paper is her favourite!”

Grace Irwin’s ‘Favourite Part of the Day’

Even in the midst of the holiday bustle, Bindi Irwin still finds time to go on her daily “family walks” with her husband and daughter. Everyday, in between her duties at the Australia Zoo, she takes a moment to immerse her daughter into the wonders of nature. Together, the three wander through the zoo’s gardens and allow Grace to explore the plants and animals that reside there.

“I’m thankful that our beautiful Grace Warrior is growing up surrounded by wildlife and wild places,” Irwin shared in a post documenting their trips. “Her favourite part of the day is when we go on our family walks through the @australiazoo gardens. Her smile is sunshine!”