Bindi Sue Irwin is ‘As Strong as a Mother’ in Awesome New Photo with Baby Daughter Grace Warrior

by Quentin Blount

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Bindi Sue Irwin is a mother but she is and she is rocking every second of it.

Bindi Irwin and her family have become superstars in the wildlife conservation industry. That can be largely attributed to the work of Bindi’s late father, the beloved Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. He was an Australian zookeeper, an avid conservationist, a television personality, a wildlife expert, and an environmentalist. He was without a doubt one of the most genuine and beloved people in the entire world before his death.

As a result, 23-year-old Bindi, her brother, 17-year-old Robert, and their mother Terri, have teamed up to keep their father’s dreams and passions alive. Bindi was just eight years old when her father passed away. And while it has no question been challenging for her to become a new mom without her father by her side, she is making the very best of it.

Lucky for all of us, we follow Bindi on social media and we get to see all of her new posts and updates. Her latest one on Instagram shows just how strong of a mother she is becoming.

“STRONG AS A MOTHER,” Bindi captioned the awesome photo.

Fans of Bindi Sue Irwin seem to wholeheartedly agree.

“You go girl! I’ve never seen you soo happy as you are with lil Grace and being her mama,” one fan said.

“Such a natural mother!” another person replied. “You’ve nurtured animals and relationships your whole life, but to see you with your baby daughter, in action as Grace Warriors Mommy, my heart explodes and my eyes well up with tears! YOU are my favorite human, I adore you so much.”

“Beautiful baby and gorgeous momma and a ray of sunshine,” commented a third fan.

Bindi Sue Irwin’s Daughter Will Soon Turn 8 Months Old

Yes, it’s hard to believe that Bindi Sue Irwin is a mom. But you know what’s even harder to believe? The fact that Bindi’s daughter, Grace Warrior, will turn eight months old later this month. The proud mom took to her official Instagram account back on the seven-month anniversary of Grace’s birthday. Little Grace seems like she is enjoying every second of her life at the Australia Zoo. In one photo, she is all smiles wearing a pink sweater and a sock hat. In the next snap, she is showing off her sense of humor by sticking out her tongue.

You can view the photos for yourself down below:

“Expectation vs. Reality (swipe) Grace Warrior is 7 months old!” Bindi wrote alongside the photos. “She loves snuggles, adventure, trying new food, grabbing everything, and giggles. Apparently, koalas are especially funny. Infinite love for our little Wildlife Warrior.”