Bindi Sue Irwin Is Feeling ‘All the Love’ in Heartwarming New Pic With Husband, Daughter

by Madison Miller
Photo by: John Wolfsohn/Getty Images

For Bindi Irwin, it’s hard not to feel all the love and joy when she’s surrounded by her amazing family.

That includes her husband, Chandler Powell, who she married in March 2020. The two of them also have a gorgeous baby girl named Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. She was born on March 25, 2021, exactly a year after the couple tied the knot.

Adorable Bindi Irwin Family Photo

Irwin recently shared an adorable family photo on Instagram captioned “all the love.”

The family appears to be out on a walk at the Australia Zoo when they snapped the photo. There is also a surprise appearance from Piggy, one of the family’s beloved dogs. The other is Stella.

If you were interested, both Stella and Piggy share an Instagram account as well full of “all the love” and all the cuteness.

When it comes to a cuteness overload, few things compare to the moment in which little Grace Irwin was introduced to a Christmas tree for the first time. “Grace woke up to her very first Christmas tree in our house. I’m crying tears of happiness as I write this,” Bindi Irwin wrote.

The video features Chandler and Bindi walking out of the room together holding Grace. They take her right next to the tree and she stares at the lights completely mesmerized. She even reaches out to get a good feel for the branches in front of her.

It’s the first holiday season for little Grace and everyone is more than thrilled to get to witness it. Robert Irwin, Bindi Irwin’s brother, commented, “This. Makes. Me. So. Happy” under the photo.

‘Crikey! It’s the Irwins’ Season Four

If Instagram clips are not enough of the Irwins for you, the family is also featured in their own reality show called “Crikey! It’s the Irwins.”

The show follows Robert, Bindi, and Terri Irwin as they work at the Australian Zoo. It first premiered in October 2018 on Animal Planet. You can watch a sneak peek of the upcoming season premiering on Discovery+ as well as Animal Planet.

It shows Bindi holding her 8-month-old baby and Robert is seen transporting an alligator alongside Chandler. Meanwhile, Terri is off working with her Sumatran Elephants. It also seems like there will be a “Grace’s Bird Garden” added to the zoo in honor of Bindi and Chandler’s bundle of joy.

This new season will air on January 1, 2022, at 8 p.m. EST. “We have got more wildlife action than ever before. This is the most exciting time ever,” Robert days during the preview.