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Bindi Sue Irwin Highlights Daughter Grace’s ‘Tiny Moustache’ in Adorable Snap

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

Do you think Bindi Sue Irwin is loving every second of being a mom? You better believe it. That much was clear in her latest Instagram post.

Bindi Sue Irwin, her brother Robert, and her mom Terri are arguably the world’s biggest stars in the wildlife conservation industry. That success came in large part to the late Steve Irwin, Bindi, and Robert’s dad. The beloved Crocodile Hunter was a zookeeper at the Australia Zoo where the family still lives and works to this very day. He was also an avid conservationist, wildlife expert, and a unique television personality before his death in 2006.

It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly 16 years since Steve Irwin passed away. Bindi is now 23-years-old, married to Chandler Powell, and has a baby of her own. Robert turned 18 back in December. The brother and sister, along with their mom, are working every day to make sure that they keep Steve’s dreams and passions alive.

One way they are doing that is through Bindi’s daughter, Grace Warrior. Little Grace has grown up exclusively at the Australia Zoo and it looks like she has been enjoying every moment of it. Luckily for us fans, we get to see glimpses into their lives through social media.

Sunday was the perfect example of that. Bindi posted a photo of her on a walk with Chandler, Robert, and of course, Grace Warrior. Grace is being pushed by her dad in her stroller. However, it’s her hat that is making Bindi smile.

“Grace’s hat string is a tiny moustache in this photo and I love it,” Bindi captioned the photo.

Fans Love Bindi Sue Irwin

It’s these little mother-daughter moments that tug at our heartstrings a little bit. We may not be right there at the Australia Zoo to interact with Bindi Sue Irwin and her family in person, but we still can enjoy seeing her daily updates on Instagram.

It seems like her 4.5 million followers would agree. Many of them sounded off in the comments section of Bindi’s latest post about how cute her family is.

“I love your posts Bindi,” said one fan. “She’s growing up so fast.”

“That’s how the cool kids are wearing their hats these days,” a second fan joked.

“That’s one lucky girl to grow up in Australia Zoo,” a third follower commented.

Need some more Bindi Sue Irwin content in your life? We can’t blame you, she is one of the most adorable mothers out there. Or what about a little dad humor from her husband Chandler Powell? Either way, we have got exactly what you’re after right here on Outsider.