Bindi Sue Irwin Remembers 2006 Journal Entry From Shortly After Her Father Steve’s Death

by Shelby Scott

Grief is surely one of the hardest, if not the hardest, of emotional experiences to navigate. Despite that, conservationist Bindi Sue Irwin has shared a heartbreaking journal entry she wrote at the age of eight. She wrote the entry following the death of her iconic father, Steve Irwin, detailing her childhood grief.

Dated to 2006, the Daily Mail reports Irwin’s journal entry was written just days after her father’s freak accident. Outsiders will recall Irwin died after a stingray barb pierced his chest while filming a documentary during that same year.

According to the outlet, Irwin spoke about her experience writing the entry during an episode of the What About Death?! podcast. As Bindi Sue Irwin said, writing down her feelings helped the little girl move forward through the grieving process. It enabled her to avoid “wallowing” in grief.

“One day,” she began, “I wrote it in my journal actually – I was like, ‘This is it; I am choosing not to wallow in sadness anymore.”

Instead, Irwin shared, “I am choosing to find the strength that dad had and continue on.”

As we might expect, the young conservationist and mother said the loss of her father was the “hardest thing” she and her brother, Robert, endured as children.

Nevertheless, with the same strength and devotion she demonstrates now, Bindi Sue Irwin explained the significance behind the journal. She stated keeping it while navigating her father’s death helped her in speaking at his public memorial.

During her speech at Steve Irwin’s funeral, the then-eight-year-old stated, “I have the best daddy in the world and I will miss him every day. When I see a crocodile, I will always think of him and I know that daddy made this zoo so everyone could come and learn to love all animals.”

Bindi Sue Irwin & Family Return for New Season of ‘Crikey!’

The loss of animal extraordinaire Steve Irwin still prevails as one of this generation’s most prevalent losses. However, Bindi Sue Irwin and her family have spun their grief into a plethora of positive causes and projects since. Now, heading into its fourth season, the young conservationist and her family will premiere again on Animal Planet with their series, “Crikey! It’s the Irwins.”

However, this time, the heartwarming show will feature a brand new face.

Followers to Bindi Sue Irwin’s Instagram account frequently see the 23-year-old boasting photos of her little family, featuring her husband Chandler Powell and her daughter Grace Warrior.

Grace, now around nine months old, appears to be a major feature in the upcoming season. Debuting New Years Day at 8 p.m. ET, Outsiders will have the opportunity to experience Irwin’s pregnancy as she navigated it while remaining active at the Australia Zoo. Next Season TV‘s revealed the very first episode will see the arrival of young Grace.

So, while the Irwins have definitely been left to navigate one huge loss, the little family has added a beautiful future conservationist to the mix, sure to garner as much love as her famous grandfather.