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Bindi Sue Irwin Shares Striking Photo of the Australia Zoo’s Newest Orphan

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Thanks to Bindi Sue Irwin, tell me this isn’t the cutest/prettiest thing you’ve seen today?

In a recent Instagram post, Irwin shares a photo of a beautiful baby bird that rests on a small knit blanket. The color of this Rose Crown Fruit-dove brings emeralds all around the world to shame. Does this picture make you want to scoop up the small creature and cradle it to your cheek?

The animal activist’s caption reads: “Meet Ivy, an orphaned rose crown fruit dove who was found on the ground. She had a full check-up at our @AustraliaZooWildlife Hospital and is now being looked after by a dedicated wildlife carer. When Ivy is old enough, she will be released back into the wild.”

Fellow animals in the comments expressed their admiration for the bird. One fan wrote: “Little Ivy looks so sweet and is so pretty. Hoping for her release soon.”

Once Ivy is old enough, she’ll be able to venture out on her own into the wild. Who knows? Maybe she’ll find her family or meet a new one.

Bindi Sue Irwin Once Looked After a Pelican In the ICU

Since 1999, The Australian Zoo has taken home many awards. Their most recent award was the ecoBiz 3 Star Partner in 2021. However, The zoo won this award for efficiencies in waste, energy, and water use.

Founded by the Irwin family, The Australian Zoo is known for its connection to the late crocodile hunter.

According to their website, these awards are recognition of our dedication to making a positive difference for wildlife and wild places. The Irwin family continues to honor their late husband and father’s memory by keeping the zoo in check.

According to Bindi Sue Irwin, a zoo is a place for healing. Back on September 14, 2021, Bindi Sue Irwin gave her Instagram followers an update on the condition of an animal being treated at the zoo. She mentioned how someone found a pelican with a metal hook and fishing line in its mouth. She also gives a kind shoutout to one of the animal doctors at the zoo.

“Dr. Ludo from our @AustraliaZoo Wildlife Hospital carefully extracted the line and removed the hook. This sweet girl is now resting in the Bird’s ICU. Thankfully she did not sustain any major injuries and will soon return back to her natural habitat— @wildlifewarriorsworldwide”

This really is a stunningly beautiful creature. Pale yellow feathers surround her large black eyes, and her beak is a soft pink. However, Irwin revealed that the doctor who worked on the pelican found a safe way to remove the hook and fishing line from her mouth.

We hope the zoo decided she could return to the sea soon after her doctor’s visit.