‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Deals with the Eternal Parent Problem in New Photo

by Amy Myers

When she’s not keeping Frank Reagan in line on Blue Bloods, Abigail Hawk is fielding questions that every parent of school-aged kids hears. While on a video call with one of her kids, Hawk took a screenshot of the classic parenting moment when her child didn’t want to do his homework. Her face in the corner of the screen captured just about every mother’s reaction to the moment. The conversation went something like this:

“I’m tired. I don’t want to do my homework. Homework sucks. Please let me stop my homework.”

Hawk posted the screenshot on Instagram and hilariously captioned the moment, “Kid’s an over achiever, what can I say?”

Unfortunately for the Blue Bloods actress, her kids have a long way to go before they can put homework behind them.

Earlier this week, Hawk further captured the essence of parenting with her new scented candle that every parent of young kids needs. Perhaps during a moment of much-deserved downtime, Hawk lit the pointedly named candle to help her relax. The label read, “Tiny humans stole my sanity,” which, if we had to guess, smells like sugary cereal, Play-Do and crayons.

“You heard it first here,” the Blue Bloods star wrote in the caption of the photo.

A fan reminded her that kids also tend to “steal hearts,” too, something Hawk knows all too well.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actress Shares Her Saturday Morning Activities

School days are tough for both parents and kids. After a long day in class or on the set, Blue Bloods star Abigail Hawk likely just wants to spend time with her family instead of worrying about math problems or reading assignments. But that’s also what makes weekends so much sweeter when you have little ones to share them with. Though the actress doesn’t like to release her kids’ names or even show their faces all that often, she does like to share those special moments when the rest of the world seems to stop.

One instance of this was when Hawk and her family spent the day making scones and visiting the aquarium. She shared a few clips and photos of their day together, starting with her children mastering the mixing bowl. An adorably tiny pair of hands stirred the delicious dough before shaping them and placing them onto the baking sheets. Further in the album, the two young Hawk children wandered the jellyfish exhibit of the aquarium in a darkly lit room.

The cherry on top of the weekend activities was that the Blue Bloods actress managed to carve out some time for herself, opting for an under-eye mask and some other personal care necessities.

“Saturday: Scones. Sea life. Self care,” Hawk shared.