‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk is Savoring the ‘November Vibes’ after Halloween

by Amy Myers

Only Blue Bloods star Abigail Hawk can make a plain white face mask look like a glamorous accessory. In her recent Instagram update, the actress behind Detective Abigail Baker gave her fans a golden moment when the sun shined through at just the right time. She captioned the glorious moment, “November vibes,” starting the month off with a bit of beauty.

It’s a mystery where Hawk was going during her sunny car ride, though, knowing her, she likely wanted to make the most out of the nice weather and decided to take her family someplace fun. Ever the devoted mother, the Blue Bloods actress often shared sweet moments while spending time with her two kids.

Fans quickly filled the comments section of Hawk’s latest post with hearts and fall-themed emojis to express their appreciation for their favorite Blue Bloods star’s post. Others just couldn’t get over her beauty.

“What an awesome pic!” one fan said.

“Gosh, you are gorgeous!” exclaimed another.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Shares Halloween Family Photos

We’re not saying that Hawk didn’t look stunning in her Halloween costume, but it certainly showed a different side to her. The Blue Bloods actress traded her uniform for a comfy Gandalf the Gray look. Dressed in sweatpants, a matching cardigan, wizard hat and white beard, she embodied the leader of her group. In a hilarious clip, Hawk deepened her voice to give the iconic, “You shall not pass!”

Meanwhile, her hubby dressed up as Legolas, adorning a blond, braided wig and bow and arrow.

Finally, her two boys decided to both be Gollum, or perhaps one was Smeagol. Either way, they both wore the equally adorable costume, pointed ears and all.

“My preciouses!” the Blue Bloods actress captioned the album.

If the producers ever make a Lord of the Rings spinoff with just a wizard, an elf and two sides of a hobbit, they know who to cast.

Abigail Hawk Shows off Pearly Whites Ahead of Halloween

This wasn’t Hawk’s only instance of Halloween spirit. Prior to dressing as a loungewear wizard, the Blue Bloods actress decided to show her fans what a killer smile she had. Along with a pair of neon green shades, Hawk sported a pair of vampire teeth on Halloween.

“Vitamin D(racula),” she captioned.

Though, we’re not sure how much vampires really need Vitamin D, given their adversity to sunlight.

As much as the Blue Bloods star seems to enjoy the first day of November, she definitely made the most out of October.