‘Blue Bloods’: Baez’s Worst Mistake Nearly Got Her Killed

by Taylor Cunningham

Just being a New York City cop is a hazard in itself. But in one episode of Blue Bloods, Officer Maria Baez upped her occupational risks by falling for peer pressure. And a lot of fans think it was her biggest mistake yet.

Let us reminisce on the episode titled Firewall.

In the story, a woman stops Danny and Baez to tell them that a strange man named Gavin Powers was harassing her. And after spotting the suspect on the sidewalk, the officers stop him.

When questioned about his behavior, Gavin denies everything. And to make matters worse, he also causes a scene by screaming to a gathering crowd that the detectives were badgering him for no reason.

Then just before Baez could run the man’s ID, the NYPD is hit with a cyberattack. And, of course, the whole system goes down.

This is when Baez makes her big mistake. As the situation escalates, the now angry crowd begins to pressure the officers into releasing Gavin. And despite her better judgment, Baez caves. That ends up being a poor choice because it is soon discovered that he is wanted for an assault and is a suspect in five more violent crimes.

Soon after learning about Gavin’s crimes, Danny and Baez get a tip about his possible whereabouts. And after following him into an apartment, they find the tenant tied to a chair and Gavin missing.

Once the officers catch up with the criminal, he shoots Baez and gives her a nice long stay in the hospital.

So because Maria Baez caved to peer pressure, she not only put her own life in jeopardy but also endangered the tenant that Gavin took captive. Her actions caught the attention of her superiors and her fans alike.

And after a fan started a Reddit discussion about Firewall, u/SamCarter_SGC noticed a trend that made them concerned about Baez.

“This was also the second time this season that they’ve [come] one scene away from killing off Baez,” they wrote.”… stop that.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Turns 26

Speaking of Blue Bloods, one of the youngest Reagans recently turned 26. And fans gave her a major “outpouring of love.”

Sami Gayle, who plays Nicky Reagan-Boyle, celebrated her big day on January 22nd. And after receiving many birthday wishes, she took to Instagram to give a word of thanks.

“26 in my favorite bliss!” the actress wrote alongside a snapshot of her enjoying a sunny day at the beach.

“Thank you for your outpouring of love and support today and every day,” she continued. ” I am so grateful to have all of you by my side as I continue to grow.”