‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Digs Up Adorable Throwback Pic with Elizabeth Berkley

by Amy Myers

When Bridget Moynahan isn’t hanging around the rest of the Blue Bloods cast, she’s with her good friend and fellow actress Elizabeth Berkley. Though the two never performed in any big films or series together, their friendship seems to be as strong as you could hope two renowned actresses to portray.

Moynahan recently posted a photo of the two gal pals on Instagram in which the two look just as gorgeous as ever. The Blue Bloods star, herself, wore a trendy black blouse and blazer. Meanwhile, the Saved by the Bell castmember boasted a similar attire but paired her dark outfit with a red scarf.

“Love seeing my dear friend @elizberkley pop up! #tbt #bowie #beauty #insideandout,” Moynahan wrote in the post.

This isn’t the only blast-from-the-past photo the Blue Bloods star shared with her followers. Last week, Moynahan threw it way back with a photo of her and Natalie Portman. Oddly enough, the two look strikingly similar in the picture, sharing a likeness in their smiles, noses and eyes. Perhaps Moynahan is related to the actress behind Queen Padmé.

The Blue Bloods star paid homage to Portman’s iconic role in Star Wars with her caption.

“A throwback to a place far far away in time… the talented, intelligent and deep beauty @natalieportman #tbt.”

From ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan’s Past to Future

From the looks of her Instagram page, Moynahan takes every opportunity she can to show her love, appreciation and support for her talented friends. And this isn’t the only way the fellow star hopes to support powerful women.

Recently, Moynahan spoke to Yahoo! Life regarding her future after Blue Bloods comes to a close. While we all hope that won’t be for a long time, Moynahan isn’t afraid to think beyond the NYPD set. In fact, she hopes that someday, she’ll have the chance to work on a set that brings light to the challenges that women face today and throughout history.

“Every time I see a show like Mare of Easttown or Handmaid’s Tale, I think, God there’s such incredible work out there, such incredible opportunities and such great writing for women,” Moynahan shared. “So because of that, I feel that next step will open its doors when this wraps, whenever that may be.”

Of course, this isn’t to say that the actress plays a meek-minded character on Blue Bloods. Rather, she represents Erin Reagan, a strong-willed morally sound member of the criminal justice team that often keeps the rest of her family grounded. Hopefully, in her future years, she’ll bring much of Reagan’s personality with her to her next big role.