‘Blue Bloods’: Bridget Moynahan Gives Preview of What ‘Erin and Anthony’ Are Getting Into During New Episode

by Jennifer Shea
Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Will Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) successfully run for D.A., or will she be intimidated by all the bad press she’s been getting lately? In a new Instagram post, Moynahan offers Blue Bloods fans a peek into Erin’s dilemma, which Erin is debating with Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schirripa) in the video clip.

“What are Erin and Anthony getting into this time? Watch a brand new @bluebloods_cbs tonight to find out!” the Blue Bloods star posted to Instagram.

Blue Bloods Stars Get Along Swimmingly

Moynahan and Schirripa clearly have a good rapport, and it comes across in their scenes together. In previous interviews, Moynahan has compared Schirripa to a good-natured older brother – “one that doesn’t needle me or, you know, cause problems.”

“He is, he’s great, you know. I was thrilled that they found me somebody that not only looked the part but really feels like the part,” Moynahan said of her co-star in a 2020 interview. “And he, um, he’s kind of dropped right into the role.”

Before he appeared on Blue Bloods, Schirripa played Bobby “Bacala” Baccalieri on HBO’s The Sopranos. So he was no novice by the time he reached the set of Blue Bloods.

“You know, obviously coming from a much different notoriety in his previous work, and he’s great,” Moynahan added. “I mean it’s, we have such an ease with each other that, um, it really doesn’t feel like that we’re having to work, you know.”

Schirripa Found His Calling Late in Life

As for Schirripa, he has said he didn’t find his way into acting until he was in his thirties. But once he did get into acting, he made the most of his newfound career.

“When I first started on The Sopranos, I had no career… I was dabbling in acting, it was more like a hobby,” Schirripa told Insider last year. But now, “I’ve made a living for 21 years as an actor and I’ve been very lucky.”

Of course, Schirripa had to worry about getting typecast as a mobster. He’s since played other roles, from a suburban dad to a detective.

“Let’s not kid ourselves. I’m a big guy. I have a raspy voice. I’m not going to play an English professor,” Schirripa quipped.

Still, Schirripa has gotten plenty of mileage out of his time on The Sopranos. When he’s not shooting Blue Bloods, he hosts a podcast, “Talking Sopranos,” with his former co-star Michael Imperioli. And the duo also recently wrote an oral history of The Sopranos, titled Woke Up This Morning.

Blue Bloods fans can catch Moynahan and Schirripa in action on Blue Bloods tonight. Tune in to CBS at 10 p.m. ET to find out what happens next.