‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Returns for Role in Reboot of Former Show

by Joe Rutland

It appears Blue Bloods star Bridget Moynahan can go home again. Well, that’s what she is doing with a role in her old show.

What old show is that you might be asking? The former show is Sex and the City and she’s part of a reboot as explained by Deadline.

Now, Outsiders, this reboot is called And Just Like That… with Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis all aboard.

Moynahan comes back as Natasha Naginsky, who is the ex-wife of Mr. Big, played by Chris Noth. Now Mr. Big and Carrie, Parker’s character, are now married.

Sex and the City ran on HBO between 1998-2004. This reboot will air on HBO Max starting December 9.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Admits She’s Quite Grateful For Role Previous Show Played in Career

Moynahan, in an interview with Entertainment Tonightwas quite grateful for playing Natasha in the OG series.

She said that “they really, you know, kind of kick-started my career, right? Like that and Coyote Ugly started at the same time so they always have a special place in my heart.”

In Coyote UglyMoynahan played tough-as-nails Rachel.

You might be asking if Moynahan is leaving Blue Bloods? One word: No. Moynahan, who plays Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan on the CBS police drama, is staying put.

Yet the fans of watching the Reagan family week after week might also check out here work on And Just Like That…

She’s got business to deal with in the DA’s office.

Catch Moynahan and the rest of the Blue Bloods cast on Friday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, on CBS.

Moynahan Admits That She Misses Sharing Screen With Sami Gayle

If you have watched Blue Bloods over the seasons, then you know Moynahan is the mother of Nicky Reagan-Boye, played by Sami Gayle.

Gayle has been quite busy attending college, much like her Nicky character spending time in school, too.

But Moynahan, like others in the cast, have made New York City their home. Moynahan, in an interview with Glamour that her family and friends are there.

The actress talks about not having Gayle around right now.

Moynahan said it’s unfortunate that her character “is often at school, but at the same time, it’s so realistic.

“I mean, I’ve got stepsons who are that same age, and we don’t see them anymore because they’re off at college or they’re doing internships,” she said. “As much as I miss Sami and those relationships, it’s very realistic because you have that loss, which is a very relatable life situation and a strange reality.”

Moynahan said there’s grief when kids go away to college or live on their own.