‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Stuns in New Red Carpet Photos

by Chase Thomas

Blue Bloods star Bridget Moynahan does not spend all her time on a television screen. Sometimes, the star actress hits the red carpet. In fact, this week the Blue Bloods star stunned in some new red carpet photos.

Moynahan posted a variety of photos as she highlighted what looked to be a splendid evening.

For the caption of the photos Moynahan wrote, “And just like that… one night with the glam squad and life felt back to normal. Best night ever! Thank you @michaelpatrickking for bringing #Natasha back! @justlikethatmax @hbomax Thank you @makeupbylhp @josueperezhair.”

Fans loved the photos as well on her Instagram page. One fan wrote, “You look fabulous! #Natasha”

Another fan wrote, “Spectacular jumpsuit!!!”

How Does Bridget Moynahan Keep Doing It on ‘Blue Bloods’

The star of Blue Bloods where she plays the role of Erin Reagan, Moynahan has been a consistent star on the CBS program for so many years. It’s fair to wonder if, like Wahlberg, Moynahan will get burnt out from the role and stay on one show for so many years. That does not appear to be the case, though.

She told Glamour, “It all has to do with the writing and new, more complicated storylines. We also have a team of actors who really appreciate the job and each other. We know how lucky we are to be on this show—and such a long-running show at that. It doesn’t come around that often, so when you’re working with people who express gratitude, it just fuels the show. Everybody wants to show up and do their best work.”

She likes what she does and likes who she gets to get work with every day. But what about the team? What inspires her to keep moving and keep building on the program?

She told the website, “I think it comes from family. It’s easy to think, Oh, I’ve done this, so let me go do that, where the grass is greener, but I think all of us understand what a good thing we have here. I know Donnie [Wahlberg] and Tom [Selleck] feel the same way. We are grateful. When I went to And Just Like That… and started filming, everybody was so grateful and gracious, from the writers, creators, and producers to every actress I worked with on that show. Sarah Jessica Parker is such a kind, welcoming human being. I was taken aback that they were so thankful that Natasha was back. Meanwhile, I was just like, thank you. Really, thank you. It was just nice to be around that energy.”

Her work ethic is innate and she just really loves what she does so it seems like she is going to keep doing that.