‘Blue Bloods’: Can We Expect Maria Baez’s Return in Next Episode?

by Megan Molseed

Last month, Blue Bloods fans were shocked as Marissa Ramirez’s character Maria Baez was shot while working on a case with her partner Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan.

Since then, fans have been wondering about the New York Police detective’s return to the beat. Will she be back soon? And, if so, how will she handle the job?

There has been little news released about when Ramirez is expected to return to the popular CBS series.

And, fans are beginning to wonder. Especially now that Blue Bloods has returned to the airwaves in 2022.

But, it looks as if a recent sneak peek of one upcoming episode is hinting Baez’s return to the NYPD is coming sooner than later.

‘Blue Bloods’ May Be Hinting To A Major Character’s Return

As the Matt & Jess TV Commentary website points out, one still from the upcoming Blue Bloods twelfth season episode, Old Friends, shows the detective back in action with Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan.

A synopsis of the upcoming episode notes that an impending drug shipment will soon be arriving in New York City. This news pushes Danny Reagan to once again pair up with a popular Blue Bloods guest-star, Lyle Lovett.

Lovett has appeared on the hit CBS police procedural drama as Texas Ranger Major Waylon Gates in previous episodes.

That said, the current description does not officially note that Ramirez will be returning to Blue Bloods this week.

However, a little sleuthing can reveal quite a bit.

Especially once we start looking extra close at the photos the series has recently released of the new episode.

Does The Photo Tell The Full Story?

In a recent image released from the upcoming Friday, January 7 episode of Blue Bloods, we see Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan standing next to his longtime partner, Maria Baez.

Of course, there’s always the chance that the photo is simply a still from the show’s current season – and not one from this specific upcoming episode.

If this is the case, the recently released photo doesn’t necessarily suggest that Marisa Ramirez will be making her return to the series this week.

She was in many episodes early in the season. So a photo of her and Danny would not be a hard one to find.

However, there is one unique detail in this particular photograph. One that suggests it is certainly a still from the newest episode.

Pictured: Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan and Marisa Ramirez as Detective Maria Baez. Photo Courtesy of CBS Entertainment. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

A peek at the far left side of the photo, however, shows that the person the two New York City detectives are speaking to is wearing a cowboy hat.

Now, any Blue Bloods fan knows that there are not too many characters in the series that wear hats such as these. In fact, only one is known for regularly sporting the style.

And, this particular character, Lyle Lovett’s Major Waylon Gates is set to guest-star Friday night.

Of course, the only way to tell if Ramirez is returning to Blue Bloods this week is to catch the 10th installment of the procedural’s twelfth season Friday night on CBS!