‘Blue Bloods’: The Character You Forgot Melissa Benoist Played on the Show

by Shelby Scott

Actress Melissa Benoist has made a successful career for herself within the DC Comics universe in her own show, “Supergirl.” And while she’s also made highlight appearances in other DC shows and films such as “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Batwoman,” and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” she actually got her start in a starkly different universe: “Blue Bloods.”

The successful crime drama has just recently kicked off its 12th season, spanning more than a decade since its premiere. As such, it’s easy to forget “Supergirl” previously starred on “Blue Bloods” during its very first season.

While Benoist forefronts within the contemporary DC universe, her role in “Blue Bloods” so many years ago was minor. During the first season’s episode, “Privilege,” she plays a university student simply named Renee. The “Blue Bloods” team contacts Benoist’s character Renee as she is the victim of that episode’s best friend.

According to Looper, Benoist forefronts in two “relatively small” scenes. Benoist’s Supergirl has made a name for herself protecting the lives of others. However, her early character Renee provided the “Blue Bloods” team with little info during the show’s early airing. But hey! We all get our start somewhere.

‘Blue Bloods’ Latest Episode May Challenge Leading Characters

Melissa Benoist has made a successful acting career for herself twelve years after her small appearance on “Blue Bloods.” Meanwhile, the cast of the CBS hit show has gained quite a fanbase since. Now, Friday airs the latest episode in the show’s 12th season. And it appears things may not go very smoothly for two of our favorite characters.

On Friday, partners Danny Reagan and Maria Baez head to a New York private school pursuing their latest investigation. As such, their need to work with the students poses issues for the characters’ personal traits. After all, Danny is notorious for his impatience.

Further, the city’s upper class tends to remain closed off to non-initiated outsiders. In preparing for the new episode, “Blue Bloods” fans hope the plot spans more than a single episode, however, only Friday will tell. As a reminder for your Outsiders, the “Blue Bloods” new episode airs at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, so be sure to tune in to catch the team’s latest endeavors.

New Episode Promises to Address Police Brutality

Among internal Reagan issues within “Blue Bloods'” upcoming episode, spoilers have warned us that this week features a highlight on one contemporary social issue: police brutality.

As one of CBS‘s hit shows, “Blue Bloods” has the dedicated fan base to be able to explore the contemporary issue in a sensitive and established way. Over 12 seasons, we’ve seen the growth of some of our favorite characters and placing them in situations that force them to face ongoing problems only conveys the genuineness of the show.

So as we near Friday’ episode, know that NYC Police Commissioner Frank Reagan will address the issue alongside his aide, Abigail Baker. The specific issue arises surrounding Baker’s husband Brian, a member of the city’s police force.