‘Blue Bloods’: Could Erin Reagan Become the Manhattan District Attorney?

by Jonathan Howard

While we wait for the return of Blue Bloods in the new year, there are some questions that fans want answered. Like, is Erin Reagan going to be DA?

Before the show took a hiatus, Erin had been contemplating running for higher office. As the Assistant District Attorney, she has tried to build a reputation. However, she wasn’t quite certain if she wanted to dive into the race after all. Things are complicated between her and the current DA, Kimberly Crawford.

Despite her hesitation and issues with Crawford, it has become pretty clear that Erin will be the next Manhattan District Attorney. If that storyline was abandoned as the season continues next year, it would just be strange. The storyline is heading towards at least an attempt at running for the position.

The sooner the Blue Bloods star makes the move, the better. Fans aren’t going to want to see this will she, won’t she, drag on for long. If you are looking for clues for what might happen when the hiatus is over, the real NYC primaries are this Spring. So, there might be some campaigning going on for the Reagan DA hopeful.

Will We See Politics Play A Role in 2022?

So, let’s just agree that Erin Reagan is going to run for District Attorney. If that is the case, then Blue Bloods will be making quite a turn from their usual formula. The show likes to keep the focus on the police work. Investigations, street crimes, the legal aspect of it all. They also focus on interpersonal relationships between the main characters as well.

However, the show has veered away from politics as much as possible. If Erin is going to run for office that will not be a possibility. Fans shouldn’t be too worried though, the show isn’t likely going to change course too much. The writers know what the fans expect from the show, so it will be interesting how they make it work when and if it happens.

We already know that Frank Reagan wants his daughter to run for DA. He subtly encouraged her when she expressed doubts during a family dinner. If his daughter is able to rise to higher office, then her Police Commissioner father will have a good ally in the DA. Those aspects are likely to play out if she runs for office and especially if she wins.

‘Blue Bloods’ Erin Reagan Is A Workaholic

One thing is clear if Erin gets into the race, she is going to go above and beyond. She has been known as a workaholic for quite some time now. Already as ADA, she does so much. If she ascends one seat high to DA, then that might make her turn it up even more. Imagine Erin working harder than she already does… is that possible?

Blue Bloods fans are going to be patiently waiting for just a little longer before seeing their favorite show again.