‘Blue Bloods’: Could One Alumni Be Returning To the Show?

by Joe Rutland

While keeping up with Blue Bloods and the show’s cast, is there a chance an alumni member could make a return to it soon?

Yes, Outsiders, there have been some actors and actresses who have passed through the show’s gates over the years. Could we be talking about Sami Gayle? Or someone else? Let’s take a look here.

We’ll get some help from this article by the New York Times.

Lauren Patten, who played Officer Rachel Witten, had been appearing in the award-winning Jagged Little Pill on Broadway. But the show has closed now, just after reopening a couple of months ago due to COVID-19. These days, the Omicron variant has been ravaging New York City and making things much tougher again.

A Reddit thread (which misspells Patten’s name) is slugged Lauren Patton addresses these thoughts, too.

Resident_Submariner writes, “Now that her broadway show is perma cancelled, i wonder if there is any chance she will come back to the show? I might be the only one, but i enjoyed her pairing with Eddie.”

Redditor Powerful_Factor1887 replies, “I know if she’s cut out to be a police officer but I could see her becoming a social worker”.

Upon this comment, Resident_Submariner says, “I think the story line with Frank reminding her of the one year open door policy to return was put in place in case they could get her back in.”

This will be something to watch as the new episodes for Blue Bloods start running again on Friday, Jan. 7, 2022. Catch the latest one at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, on Fridays on CBS.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Are Still Asking When Sami Gayle Will Return To Show

Through most of the earlier seasons of Blue Bloods, seeing Sami Gayle on screen was a sure bet. Nicky Reagan-Boyle would find herself in the middle of some family issue or be at the center of it.

In recent times, though, Nicky (and Sami) have been MIA from the CBS police drama.

Fans of the show are definitely intrigued by Gayle and her character. They still want to know when the actress will be returning to the Reagan dinner table, at least.

Wouldn’t it be a sweet Christmas gift to see her back when new episodes start running again?

We sure would like it, too.

Truth is, though, that we have no idea when Gayle is popping up on your TV screens.

Gayle’s character relocated to the West Coast for college. When Nicky left, so did Gayle. Actually, the actress was really finishing up college herself. She attended Columbia University.

Film roles for the actress have included Detachment, Stolen, Vampire Academy, and Candy Jar.