‘Blue Bloods’: Could the Reagan’s be Losing Their Eldest Member?

by Taylor Cunningham

Is Blue Bloods planning on writing off Henry Reagan? Some fans seem to think so after watching the latest promo.

Season 12 Episode 9 of Blue Bloods is bound to be full of action and drama. It will mark the last episode of 2021 before a long and painful winter hiatus. So we’re expecting a lot of unanswered questions and a major cliffhanger or two.

And one of those cliffhangers will probably surround Henry Reagan.

Today, CBS dropped a promo for next week’s episode, and the content has left a lot of people wondering what’s up with the most senior Reagan. In a short clip, Henry starts a fire in his kitchen. And as Jamie runs in to extinguish the flames, his grandpa stands back confused about all the commotion.

By the end, Jamie is sitting at the legendary dinner table expressing his concern over his Pop’s mental well-being.

What’s in Store For Henry Reagan

Does all this peril mean Blue Bloods is trying to get rid of Henry Reagan? We don’t think so. At least, not any time soon. We’re assuming that Henry’s age is going to start to come into play, though. According to Henry’s Blue Bloods fan page, he’s only two shy years of being a centenarian. And for obvious reasons, his health could start to deteriorate rapidly.

In upcoming episodes, we expect the Reagans will have to make some adjustments in order to care for their ailing elder. And they will definitely step up to the challenge. Because if the Reagans are anything, they’re devoted to each other.

Unfortunately, the adjustments will probably be hardest on Henry because he loves his freedom and independence—and he hates accepting help.

So while we understand people’s concerns, we don’t think Henry is leaving the small screen in the near future. But we do think the character has a big storyline coming up after the winter break. And we hope it’s not as heartbreaking as the promo suggests.

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A few years ago, Wahlberg hopped on a cruise ship determined to break that record. And he did. In 180 mins, the New Kids on the Block singer snapped “122 Selfies with 122 different people.”That’s 1.4 seconds per picture. We can’t even imagine how Donnie and his crew pulled it all off.

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