‘Blue Bloods’: Could the Show Ever Have a Prequel Based Around Frank?

by Amy Myers

With so many shows creating spinoff and prequel series, Blue Bloods fans are wondering when they’ll get their turn.

It’s not like crime drama has a shortage of characters or intricate backstories. Just look at Joe Hill. He came into the show during the Season 10 finale as the estranged son of deceased police officer, Joe Reagan. This made Hill the grandson of Frank and the nephew of Jamie, Danny and Erin. His complex background made him hesitant to accept the family into his life, and soon enough, we had an entire story arc dedicated to the brand new character that we’ve only seen a handful of times to this day.

With how much effort Blue Bloods writers have dedicated to the minor character, fans are hoping that maybe they’ll have something much bigger in store for the show’s main patriarch, Frank. One watcher even took to Reddit to express their desire for a prequel series that dives into Frank’s roots in the force as well as the family’s early life. Perhaps it could even include scenes from when all the missing Reagan family members were still alive, such as Joe and Frank’s wife, Mary Margaret, who passed away prior to the show’s timeline from cancer.

“I just finished an 8 season binge. Going towards 8 and I just wish ONE thing…” the author of the post wrote. “First is that Frank never referred to Joe as his eldest at the group session and Two, I really wish they’d make a prequel show based on Frank in the late 70s-80s. Idk if they could get someone as charismatic as Selleck though. Oh well. Onwards towards season 9.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Have a Few Other Suggestions For Show

While Blue Bloods will no doubt continue on with the main series, with enough support, perhaps the show’s writers will consider creating a few seasons worth of a backstory to Frank Reagan.

Meanwhile, other fans had suggestions for other Reagan characters in the current series – namely, Jamie and Eddie.

“I’ve never really liked Jamie. I’ve only just started season 9 and his self-righteousness is already approaching meta status,” the Blue Bloods fan wrote. “When Danny asked Jamie why he hasn’t gone for detective yet Jamie says he likes being patrol. Which you could have fooled me since Jamie sure as shit loves to act like a detective while on patrol.”

The fan didn’t go any easier on Jamie’s counterpart, either.

“I never had an issue with Eddie at first, but as she went she starts to act a little too much like Jamie. She’s gotten to the point where she seems to enjoy abusing her authority,” the Blue Bloods viewer continued. “Like the episode where she stumbles across a guy who was part of a group who hazed her in college 10 years earlier so she made up charges so she could arrest him.”

Perhaps the show is trying to demonstrate that perfect morality doesn’t exist, the Blue Bloods characters might lose fans because of their flaws.