‘Blue Bloods’: Danny and Baez Are in the ‘Right Place at the Right Time’ in Preview of New Episode

by Keeli Parkey

In any given episode of “Blue Bloods,” you never know what Detective Danny Reagan and his New York City Police Department partner, Detective Maria Baez, will get up to.

They could be hunting down a murder suspect or trying to find a lost child. Regardless, it’s always a safe bet that the duo will do all they can to right whatever wrong has been done.

Based on a preview clip for the next episode of “Blue Bloods,” Reagan and Baez find themselves in the “right place at the right time.”

Of course, playing Detective Danny Reagan in the show is Donnie Wahlberg. Actress Marisa Ramirez plays Detective Maria Baez.

The clip was shared by the show’s Twitter account. The preview begins with Reagan and Baez taking a break from their crime-fighting. They are leaning against a car while Reagan enjoys a sandwich. He offers his partner a bite.

What follows is one of the humorous exchanges between the coworkers and friends that fans of “Blue Bloods” have come to love.

“It’s pretty delicious. Take a bite,” Danny Reagan tells Maria Baez. “I’d rather bite you before I’d bite that,” she responds. Unsurprisingly, this comment gets Danny’s attention. And he gives Baez an odd look as he says, “Pardon me?” “It didn’t come out the way I meant it,” an embarrassed and annoyed Baez then says.

A Silly Exchange Between Reagan and Baez Ends When a Van Arrives in This Preview of ‘Blue Bloods’

Their silly exchange quickly comes to an end, however, when a van comes to a quick stop right next to where the detectives are standing. Of course, it gets their attention. Next thing they know, two unidentified individuals toss another person out of the back of the van. The van then speeds away from the detectives.

The person’s hands are bound and their face is covered by a hood. Baez runs over to the person as Reagan chases after the van on foot. The van, of course, gets away. “We’re police. Are you OK?” Baez asks.

The clip comes to an end before we see the person who was thrown out of the van. The clip also leaves fans with several questions. Who is this person? Why was this person in that van? Why was this person thrown out of the back of the van? Was throwing him or her out purposefully planned to occur right in front of Reagan and Baez? If so, what does that mean?

Fans of “Blue Bloods” will just have to tune in to the upcoming episode to get the answers to these – and other – questions. Also, Thursday’s clip isn’t the only preview involving Danny Reagan and Maria Baez that has been released by “Blue Bloods” this week. You can read about that preview here.

The next episode of “Blue Bloods” is titled, “USA Today.” It will air on CBS beginning at 10 p.m. (Eastern) and 9 p.m. (Central) on Friday, Nov. 19. It is the seventh episode of the popular drama’s 12th season.