‘Blue Bloods’: Did Danny Reagan Take Things Too Far in This Season 3 Moment?

by Joe Rutland

It’s hardly any surprise that one of the most hot-headed characters on Blue Bloods is Danny Reagan. We turn our attention to a Season 3 spot.

In case you didn’t know, actor-musician Donnie Wahlberg plays Danny on the CBS police drama. He is known to have a quick temper at some points whether it’s with family or someone he arrested. Let’s see, though, which moment is getting attention with some help from Looper.

Our attention is drawn to an episode that is titled Ends and Means. OK, so Danny is a witness to a shooting that happens because of a drug deal gone bad. He wants to get the shooter’s name from a witness, actually the only one, that survived but was wounded.

‘Blue Bloods’ Moment Finds Danny Really At Odds With His Wife, Linda

On Blue Bloods, Danny’s wife Linda, played by Amy Carlson, is an emergency room nurse at the hospital. Linda does insist to her husband that he has to wait until the witness is out of surgery. Sadly, that person dies and this is where Danny goes berserk.

He gets into an argument with Linda and blames her for protecting a murderer. A thread on Reddit finds one writer disliking this side of Danny. Basically, the writer didn’t like that Danny Reagan criticized “his wife (at times in front of his family) and the way he roughly grabbed her…all because he thinks everyone has to bend rules for his benefit…I really wish his wife had punched him in the face in the ER.” 

Another Redditor writes Danny is hot-headed and “as much as he answers to the law, he’s always teetering on the edge of what’s acceptable.” See, Danny Reagan flexes the rules for his job then gets ticked off when others don’t adhere to his rules.

That’s not cool. Linda and Danny settle their differences. Only after Danny solves the case and gets injured. Now, Linda insists that her husband never put his profession of being a police detective over hers in the hospital again.

Detective Reagan Is Known To Go Too Far When It Comes To Being With Suspects

We know on Blue Bloods that Danny just goes too far with suspects. He is also one who will use strong interrogation tactics. Sure, this detective does total up the most complaints of someone in his area of work in the New York City area.

Guess what, though? Danny Reagan also has the most arrested to his name, too. This guy loves his work and is really dedicated to law enforcement work.

Our man Danny happens to be the oldest living son of NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck.