‘Blue Bloods’: Did Eddie Janko’s Father Join the Reagans For Dinner?

by Jennifer Shea

Almost, but not quite. In “Blue Bloods” Season 12, Episode 5, we saw the return of Eddie Janko’s (Vanessa Ray) father Armin (Michael Cullen), much to the dismay of Jamie Reagan (Will Estes).

Armin is a former financial adviser who wound up in prison for engineering a huge Ponzi scheme. He and Eddie have a difficult relationship, but not as rocky as his relationship with his son-in-law, who does not trust him one bit.

Now out, Armin finds his way to Eddie and Jamie’s pad, looking for someplace to stay. Time is of the essence: Armin has to find someone to stay with under the terms of his pre-trial release. So Eddie invites him to stay… without asking Jamie if he minds.

Family Dinner Might Benefit from Armin’s Presence, Frank Says

As for Jamie, he’s ready to send Armin packing. And in fact, he is so anxious for Armin to leave that he doesn’t stop to consider his father-in-law’s safety. Big mistake.

It turns out that a dangerous acquaintance from Armin’s halfway house had been looking for him. Armin disappears, leaving Eddie and Jamie desperate to track him down and bring him to safety. They realize then that the old man had been trying to stay on the straight and narrow, and, fortunately, they find him in time.

But all parties seem to realize that the couple’s house is probably not the best place for Armin to stay. So Eddie’s mother winds up welcoming Armin into her home.

Armin does not, in fact, make it to this week’s “Blue Bloods” family dinner. But he is at the dinner in spirit, per TVFanatic.com. Or at least, as the topic of a conversation between Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jamie.

“Eddie, any member of your family is welcome at this table,” Frank tells Eddie.

“Are you saying you wanted him to come?” Jamie cuts in.

“Not necessarily,” Frank demurs.

“What Dad’s trying to say is that as great as it is to have saints at this table, he’d love to have some sinners too,” Danny translates. “Besides, sinners tell the best stories.”

Lyle Lovett Returns to ‘Blue Bloods’  

In other “Blue Bloods” news, country star Lyle Lovett recently turned up on the set of “Blue Bloods.” He’s reprising his role as Texas Ranger Waylon Gates, the Daily Mail reports. So he’s apparently been riding around Brooklyn in a big truck and filming scenes with Wahlberg.

Lovett first played the ranger in a Season 10 episode, “Fog of War.” In that episode, he was tracking a serial killer from Texas who made it to New York City.

No word yet on what brings Lovett back to “Blue Bloods.” But the cast and crew evidently enjoyed having him, hence their invite to return to the hit CBS show.