‘Blue Bloods’: Do Episodes Ever Have More than One Dinner Scene?

by John Jamison

Much has been said about the iconic Reagan family dinner scenes on Blue Bloods, and for good reason. It’s what sets the show apart from other police dramas. One has to wonder if the series would have made it to Season 12 without it being featured. But if one family dinner per episode works so well, why not make it two?

Has Blue Bloods ever made it two? Technically, yes. But “yes” is used loosely here because Reagan family members sharing a meal doesn’t necessarily equate to the Sunday evening dinner featured in every episode. However you define Reagan family “dinner,” rest assured the diehard fans on the internet have you covered.

A fan recently took to Reddit, asking this same question. The Blue Bloods army was on the case.

“Only one I remember where there were 2 table scenes is where Danny is framed for having 2 kilos of cocaine. There’s a scene where his wife and boys find out he has been arrested, and the rest of the family is there. The other scene is at the very end, where the typical dinner takes place,” writes traveler5150.

And that seemed to be the theme throughout the replies. The collective memory of Blue Bloods fans could only come up with a few examples of informal meals plus a traditional dinner scene at the end of the episode. However, one particularly sharp fan mentioned an example that just might take the asterisk off of that “yes.”

It came in Season 9 during the episode titled “My Brother’s Keeper.” It found Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jamies (Will Estes) arguing at the table over a hostage situation. They storm out after Frank (Tom Selleck) interjects. The episode ends with the brothers bringing a huge sub sandwich to a family dinner to apologize.

Forget Multiple Individual Dinner Scenes, ‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Want an Entire Dinner Episode

So the show has toed the line between multiple dinner scenes in a given episode. But why stop there? Recently, a fan suggested something so crazy that it just might work. We can’t say Blue Bloods fans lack creativity.

“I think they should do an entire episode thats just around the dinner table. Different things can happen people could come and go. But I’d like to see a whole episode like that,” the fan wrote on Reddit.

Not everyone agreed, though. Some cited the idea as a recipe for a boring episode, and they’re not wrong. But what if…

“A whole episode on a family dinner would be quite boring unless they have hostage situation where a bad guy break into the house and holds the family hostage during Sunday dinner,” another Blue Bloods fan added.

Boom. There’s your dinner episode. Don’t be surprised if you see that exact storyline take place next season.