‘Blue Bloods’: Does Character’s Return Signal Romance in the Air for Frank Reagan?

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Heather Wines 2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

A long-unseen character returned to “Blue Bloods” in last night’s episode, titled “Firewall.” Commander Sloane Thompson of the City of London Police returned to New York City after being away for nearly five years. The character hasn’t appeared on the show since the season 6 episode “Friends in Need.” There, she wanted to find out a little too much about NYPD tactics and put Frank on edge. But they always had chemistry, and it’s possible that “Firewall” may lead to more appearances from Thompson.

Sloane Thompson is played by Alex Kingston, known for portraying River Song on “Doctor Who” and Miranda Pond on “Law & Order: SVU.” In the episode “Firewall,” Frank Reagan calls in Sloane to help with a cyber attack. It also seems like there could be a romance blossoming for Frank and Sloane, if Frank allows himself to see it. He doesn’t have much of a personal life, and doesn’t really let himself get close. Sloane could be the one to break those barriers.

Frank almost ruins things with Sloane by digging into her past with the City of London Police. He was wondering what happened with that job, and snooped around a little. Sloane caught him; he did his best to repair that relationship and accepted that they are who they are. Could they be better together?

On “Blue Bloods,” Frank is all about his career, and he’s very professional. Maybe he would consider it more if she wasn’t in New York in a professional capacity? If she just came for a visit to see an old friend? It’s possible, but we’re not holding our breath. For Frank Reagan, it’s all about the job.

‘Blue Bloods’: Are Eddie and Jamie Headed for a Rocky Relationship?

Speaking of romance on “Blue Bloods”, newlyweds Eddie and Jamie have been having trouble communicating recently. In a scene from “Firewall,” the two tried to talk about a serious issue but kept dancing around it by using hypotheticals. That’s not going to get them anywhere.

“Say someone you know… just a friend,” Eddie says. “But they’re doing something kinda dodgy, and if their boss finds out they would get jammed up.”

Jamie asks her to elaborate, but she backs out, claiming she said too much already. Then Jamie starts his own hypothetical, saying, “So let’s say someone you know really well… like a cop. And you discover they pose a danger to themselves…”

Eddie asks him to elaborate, but he can’t because he promised he wouldn’t tell. The two are at an impasse. They’re not openly sharing their feelings or concerns with each other. This could lead to problems down the road as “Blue Bloods” continues. There’s also the issue of Eddie being married to her superior officer, technically. This could cause some strain in their relationship if Jamie tells her to do something she doesn’t want to do. Hopefully, Eddie is enough of a professional to just take orders and not question them at the moment, but things are already getting tense on “Blue Bloods.”