‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Admits His Allegiance To Chicago Pizza

by Chase Thomas

There is a major debate that still rages on today, and it’s not a political one. It’s not even whether or not a hot dog is or is not a sandwich, it is which style of pizza is better: Chicago or New York? Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg chimed in on the matter and admitted his allegiance to Chicago Pizza.

Wahlberg posted an ad photo to his Instagram where he highlighted his love of Chicago pizza and where it came from. He confirmed it stemmed from his wife Jenny McCarthy. Wahlberg wrote, “Pizza time! Of the many “Midwest” things my wife @jennymccarthy has introduced me to, @giordanospizza is one of my favorites — and I’m an east coast guy so I don’t say that lightly.”

He does admit this was tough for him to do, as he is an East Coast Guy at heart. This is a midwest staple and a very different kind of pizza.

Fans loved the post and chimed in in the comments. One fan wrote, “This is how you know Jenny is a #realone.”

Another fan wrote, “Looks like a pizza cake!!”

Will Estes on Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie is no doubt the star of the hit CBS drama Blue Bloods along with legendary actor Tom Selleck. However, we’re not sure fans are doing this for Selleck even. Yes, Will Estes, who costars with Wahlberg revealed that the actor and musician is a popular man.

Estes said, “They’ll show up at the crack of dawn in a crowd and wait half a day, a full day, just to see him and say hi. And Donnie is something that I’ve never seen before and experienced. He just completely engages with people. It’s really incredible. I almost didn’t know you could do that before I saw Donnie do it. But, you know, he’ll go out and talk to people and he’s friends with them and he’s one of the most engaging people I’ve ever seen with his fans.”

The cool thing about this is that Estes reveals that Donnie is cool about the whole thing and embraces the attention and makes time with the fans. To have a show be as successful as Blue Bloods has been, you need that kind of fan interaction that Donnie engages in every single day on set.

Wahlberg does not have to do that, but you can see that his commitment to the fans is not lost on his costars like Will Estes who watched and observed how he was and continues to be with fans who tune into the show on CBS each week. A great look for the star of Blue Bloods.