‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Shares Intense Photo with Motivational Message

by Chase Thomas

Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg has to stay motivated. To juggle as many commitments as the television star and musical performances on his plate, finding the motivation to keep doing it all is important. We know it’s important to Wahlberg because he took to his personal Twitter account this week with an intense photo and a motivational message.

The Blue Bloods star’s message is simple. Excuses are everywhere for not doing what you need to be doing. He challenges his followers here to move past fear and hate and focus on taking care of business and living life. That ultimately wants he wants to motivate his followers to do. To chase their dreams as he does.

Fans loved the sentiment on Twitter. One fan tweeted, “We’re reminded everyday of truly how life is so short and precious. Words to live by daily. Love you Captain Red heart.”

Another tweeted, “All day! Every day!!”

The Future of ‘Blue Bloods’

If something is going well, why end it? That’s how Wahlberg feels about Blue Bloods anyway. Similar to The Walking Dead, there does not seem to be a rush to wrap up the CBS drama anytime soon. Part of which stems from the closeness of the cast but also for a multitude of other reasons.

Wahlberg from Blue Bloods told PopCulture, “I just know that we’re having more fun than we’ve ever had on the show.” He is having fun, and, more importantly, the whole cast is having fun, which is incredibly important here.

The Blue Bloods star continued, “It’s still the number one show on Friday night for 10 years and it’s been a great run and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.” As long as the numbers are strong and folks enjoy spending time with one another, why would you make the change anytime soon?

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The other cool part of Blue Bloods never coming to a close is the opportunity for Danny to keep interacting with different cast members. Because the cast is so expansive and new characters come in and out so much that it’s hard to give a lot of different characters a bigger role. It’s also difficult for storylines to crossover and all that. Whalberg thinks a lot about this, “We have a great cast with so many great people, it’s hard to work with them all.

He concluded from Blue Bloods, “I’ve barely done any scenes with Will Estes in the last season or two, so it’s hard. You look around and three years have passed and you’ve only done one scene with somebody and it’s kind of like, how did that happen? But hopefully, we’ll keep going.”

You can watch Blue Bloods on CBS.