‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Sends Touching Message of ‘Love’ to Fans

by Shelby Scott

Donnie Wahlberg stars as one of “Blue Bloods” most beloved and longstanding cast members, and just as fans adore Donnie, Donnie frequently shares with fans his love for them. The star’s latest Twitter post sees Donnie Wahlberg as he disembarks from his latest aerial trip, sure to share with fans that he is, “safe and sound and on the ground.” He follows the announcement with, “Love you guys.” We love you too Donnie.

Donnie Wahlberg has starred on “Blue Bloods” since its debut in 2010, in addition to his role in his musical group New Kids On the Block. Between his two iconic career choices, it makes sense Wahlberg has such a broad and adoring fan base. The actor and musicians fans took to the comments beneath Wahlberg’s post to express their gratitude at his safe landing in addition to sharing their own love for the “Blue Bloods” actor.

“So thankful you are safe!” shared one fan. “What would we do without you?” Ultimately, as life goes on, we can’t imagine “Blue Bloods” without the iconic Donnie Wahlberg. Indeed then, what would we do without you, Donnie?

“Always brightens my day to see a Donnie video,” another adoring fan wrote. And truthfully, the actor’s genuine smile does provide a certain sense of positivity on the gloomiest of days. “Glad you are safe and sound and on the ground,” they concluded.

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“Blue Bloods'” Donnie Wahlberg Reminisces on Historic Moment

While we know Donnie Wahlberg is both a dedicated actor and musician, he’s also frequently recognized for his own adoration regarding his fans. The “Blue Bloods” star’s coworkers often commend Wahlberg’s natural behavior among fans, always engaging and genuine during interactions.

However, recently, the star reflected on a time when he and 122 of his closest Blockhead friends broke the Guinness World Record for the most selfies in just three minutes.

There’s an art to taking a selfie, however, if you’re Donnie Wahlberg than there’s no doubt you’ve already mastered that art. Unfortunately we can’t all be Donnie Wahlberg.

However, as Outsiders, we commend the “Blue Bloods” stars tremendous feat. The actor and musician shared the throwback photo to his Instagram account on Thursday, with the caption, “122 selfies, with 122 different people, in three minutes time! These pics and videos bring back so many memories! Can’t wait to cruise again soon!”

Unfortunately, we have no idea as to when Outsiders will be able to next join the “Blue Bloods” star on what would surely be a memorable cruise. However, we always encourage you to tune into CBS Friday nights to catch the latest of Donnie Wahlberg.