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‘Blue Bloods’: Eagle-Eyed Fans Catch Frank Reagan Doing Peculiar Gesture in Last Two Episodes

by Michael Freeman
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Part of the fun of watching shows somewhat grounded in reality is seeing if certain gestures and nuances are done correctly. On that note, eagle-eyed fans noticed an interesting gesture from Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods and wonder how accurate or true to protocol it actually is.

In a Reddit post titled “Saluting While Sitting Down,” poster Drainspout poses an interesting question to the subreddit. While watching Blue Bloods, he happened to notice Frank Reagan, a Marine, saluting others while sitting down. Stating the latest episode is the second in a row he’s done that, he asks others if it is strange.

While it may seem like an error or could be taken as disrespect, that’s actually not the case. Several commenters, such as Skieurope12, provide context and protocol regarding salutes. According to him, it’s not strange when Frank is returning the salute. “The protocol is when reporting to a superior officer in his/her office, one comes to attention in front of the desk and salutes,” they wrote. “The superior officer, who is generally sitting at the desk, is not required to stand to return the salute.”

Further, the same is true when someone salutes you while driving. They may return the salute while seated in their car if they even return it at all. User DroolingSlothCarpet confirms the provided information while elaborating on saluting in a car. While in a car, “They may but, they are not required to. There’s an exemption for safety.”

Finally, user MAJOR_KONG reminds everyone the NYPD isn’t a military service and thus, has fewer former protocols. They state an example, such as Marines only saluting indoors while wearing a cover.

Overall, though it may seem odd, saluting while seated seems to be a standard, even in the real world.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Also Wonder if Frank Reagan is ‘Too Close with His Team’

Blue Bloods fans have had a lot to say about Frank Reagan lately it seems. In another recent post on Reddit, fans are wondering if Frank may be a bit too close with his team.

Frank Reagan obviously has a soft spot for the people on his team. However, is it possible he’s too close and it’s affecting him on the job? User epr3176 on Reddit seems to think so, citing several examples where it seems Frank may be thinking more with his heart than his head.

For instance, they state Frank’s relationship with Sid Gormley has led to him giving Gormley a few too many chances. Nonetheless, another commenter refutes the point, saying Reagan sports a well-balanced team of personalities, which leads to a more productive work environment. Though they may clash from time to time, in the end, they get the job done together.