‘Blue Bloods’: Watch Eddie and Jamie Have Serious Dinner Conversation in New Episode Sneak Peek

by Jonathan Howard

While we all know Blue Bloods for the wholesome family dinners, this latest sneak peek clip shows a different kind of dinner.

It seems that Jamie and Eddie still have some things they aren’t 100% eye-to-eye on. It isn’t just Eddie’s new partner. And it isn’t just the daily grind of police work, either. They both have a friend and/or colleague that are going through rough times. The married couple tried to use some hypothetical questioning to work through it.

However, it appears that they are not going to get anywhere. That is until one or both of them comes completely clean and tells the other one what is going on. The situation seems tense and pretty tricky to traverse. So, check out the Blue Bloods clip below and see for yourself.

“Say someone you know… Just a friend.” Eddie starts. “But they’re doing something kinda dodgy, and if their boss finds out they would get jammed up.”

“Jammed-up how?” Jamie asks

“Can’t say.”

“Why not?”

“Actually, I’ve already said too much,” Eddie says as she backs away from the conversation.

After Eddie had pulled her inquiry from consideration, Jamie started to ask her about a situation. However, it didn’t go very far.

“So let’s say someone you know really well… like a cop. And you discover they pose a danger to themselves…”

Jamie stopped asking questions claiming that he promised not to tell anyone. The Blue Bloods couple does this often.

Eddie and Jamie Refuse to Open Up to One Another

One of the issues that Eddie and Jamie face as a couple on the show is opening up to one another fully. There have been times where they try to be honest about their feelings and emotions. Even when they do allow themselves to be vulnerable, it can sometimes start a fight rather than a resolution.

Of course, there is the whole partner situation as well. Eddie is not very happy with the current situation. However, Jamie has basically told her, as her superior in the NYPD, to suck it up and deal with it. The conversation just gets so tense. The atmosphere in the room could be cut with a knife.

For Blue Bloods fans, don’t worry too much. While this sneak peek scene seems to have a little too much gravity, there are lighter moments in the upcoming episode as well. The big family dinner scene is back. That means some creative conversation is in store for viewers this Friday.

‘Blue Bloods’ Reagan Family Believes in Full Moon Myth?

If you know a doctor or nurse, you have probably heard about the full moon superstition. Folks swear the bright, full moon makes people act out of order. In another sneak peek that Blue Bloods shared with fans, we get to see the Reagans debate the topic.

For what it’s worth, it seems like the family members in the streets patrolling every day are keener to believe the myth. Of course, ADA Erin is not a big believer. Neither is Frank, it seems. Danny, on the other hand, definitely is a believer. Who is to say?