‘Blue Bloods’: Everything to Know About Eddie’s New Partner

by Lauren Boisvert

Eddie Janko (now Reagan) has had a string of partners since she married Jamie Reagan on “Blue Bloods” and can’t work with him anymore. But the newest one is on an entirely different level; as in, the two aren’t really getting along.

Eddie met her new partner in Friday’s episode of “Blue Bloods”; his name is Luis Badillo, played by Ian Quinlan, and he has some strong opinions on her new family. Apparently, Jamie Reagan actually recommended Badillo for the job; but Badillo and Eddie are really butting heads.

Badillo and Eddie even got into a fight that Jamie had to break up; this is completely different than the dynamic that Eddie had with her former partner, Rachel Witten. Rachel left the job after a video of her pulling a gun on an assailant went viral, and she was put on leave for what was essentially self-defense. She then decided to leave the NYPD after returning briefly.

Ad for Eddie and Badillo, Jamie actor Will Estes commented on their relationship, saying, “[Jamie] thought they would complement each other, but they’re like oil and water. Later, that will come to a head.”

Eddie’s dynamic with Badillo is explosive; they’re at each others’ throats, and this could all boil over in a bad way. Maybe with someone getting hurt on the job. Only time will tell if the two ever get along, or if someone’s going to put in for a transfer before the season is over.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans React to New Episode

The official “Blue Bloods” Twitter posted after the episode on Friday night, thanking fans for tuning in. Fans took to the comments to share their love of the show and the episode.

“Great episode tonight you guys I will see you all next week,” replied one fan. Another mentioned that they’d once met Tom Selleck, writing, “My fave show. Was lucky enough to meet Tom several years ago & he was so sweet.”

“Great episode,” another wrote. “Was good to see Joe again, hoping he is in more episodes.” This refers to Joe Hill and his return to “Blue Bloods.” After being beaten by Estevez, a man he put behind bars, Joe refuses help from his grandfather Frank Reagan. Joe has often denied his lineage in the Reagan family, and rejects their legacy in the NYPD. But, it seemed that in this episode, he made tentative peace with it; he accepted help from Frank.

Later in the episode, Joe asked if he could come to family dinner. “Bring the dessert,” said Frank. This likely means Joe is being brought back into the fold of the Reagan family. It’s possible they never considered him as anything but a Reagan. It’ll be nice to see Joe finally accepting his family ties in future episodes.