‘Blue Bloods’: Family Dinner Scene Reveals Major Secret About the Reagan’s During Season 12 Premiere

by John Jamison

If you didn’t catch the Season 12 premiere of “Blue Bloods” Friday night, you missed a Reagan family dinner scene for the ages. There will be spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

In true “Blue Bloods” fashion, the season premiere followed several storylines from different family members before bringing everyone together to tie things up in the dinner scene. Formulaic, sure. But does it work? Absolutely. And this time around, the Reagans—a family that eats, sleeps, and breathes law enforcement—showed a side of themselves that fans might not have expected.

The episode’s narratives all shared a common theme. Tom Selleck’s Commissioner Frank Reagan found himself frustrated with the proposed response of Mayor Peter Chase (Dylan Walsh) following a school bus shooting. Frank felt that the NYPD didn’t have the resources to prevent something similar from happening again. The Mayor disagreed, and the two men got into it.

Meanwhile, Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) dealt with the fallout of her partner getting suspended for pulling her service weapon in an inappropriate situation. Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan ran into her own challenges after discovering that her boss was abusing her power to cover up a case.

All of this came to a head during the family dinner scene. Each family member’s experience in the premiere episode found them frustrated with the state of things. Especially Eddie. Her partner was considering quitting law enforcement, and it got everyone thinking.

In a vulnerable moment for the newest Reagan family member, Janko asked if anyone else had considered quitting before. Surprisingly, every family member revealed they had given it some thought. Even though police work runs in their blood, the Reagans aren’t unfeeling. And the hateful climate has made being involved with law enforcement a difficult position.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Raved About Tom Selleck’s Contribution to Her Big Scene

Remember when we said Eddie Janko’s partner got put on leave for drawing her weapon, causing her to consider leaving the force? Well, that set the stage for a pretty powerful scene between Vanessa Ray and Lauren Patton.

According to “Blue Bloods” star Vanessa Ray, Tom Selleck took it upon himself to read the scene and make suggestions.

“He lovingly sat, read through the scene with us, gave us different ideas and different things. Then Barrett was cool, and he let us go and stage the whole thing, block the whole scene without anybody else. So just the two of us got to do it. And then Tom was the one who edited that scene together,” Ray told PopCulture recently.

The result? Well, Selleck certainly didn’t make things worse.

“So I feel like this one scene in the first episode of Season 12 is like a masterpiece. It’s so fun,” Ray continued.